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31 Lyncis

31 Lyncis
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0
Right ascension 08h 22m 50.13s
Declination +43° 11' 18.1"
Apparent magnitude (V) +4.25
Absolute magnitude (V) -1.13
Distance 389 ly
(119.33 pc)
Spectral type K4.5III
Other designations
Alsciaukat, HR 6453, HD 70272, BD +43 1815,

HIP 41075, SAO 42319, FK5 314, NSV 4030, GC 11401

31 Lyncis is the fourth-brightest star in the constellation Lynx. It has the apparent brightness of +4.25 magnitude and it belongs to the spectral class K4.5III-IIIb. This star has the traditional Arabic names Alsciaukat (from الشوكة aš-šawkat), meaning "The Thorn", and Mabsuthat (المبسوطة al-mabsūtah), meaning "The Outstretched" or "The Extended".

31 Lyncis is an orange giant star located about 390 light years from Earth.


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