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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Animalia
Subregnum: Eumetazoa
Cladus: Bilateria
Cladus: Nephrozoa
Cladus: Protostomia
Cladus: Ecdysozoa
Cladus: Panarthropoda
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Hexapoda
Classis: Insecta
Cladus: Dicondylia
Subclassis: Pterygota
Ordo: Orthoptera
Subordo: Caelifera
Infraordo: Acrididea
Superfamilia: Acridoidea
Familia: Pamphagodidae
Genera: Charilaus - Hemicharilaus - Pamphagodes - Paracharilaus

Pamphagodidae Bolívar, 1884
Vernacular names
日本語: フタスジバッタ科

Pamphagodidae[2] is a small family of grasshoppers in the Orthoptera: suborder Caelifera. Species in this family can be found in southern Africa and Morocco.[1]

Placement and Description

The oldest published name for this group is Pamphagodidae. However, the name Charilaidae became widely used, until a review by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature determined the valid name.[3]

Members of this 'basal' grasshopper family tend to be large grasshoppers and are typically apterous or brachypterous.[4] A common feature for these genera is that the pronotum has two parallel median keels.

As of January 2021, genera and species in the family Pamphagodidae include:[1]

Charilaus Stål, 1875
Charilaus carinatus Stål, 1875
Hemicharilaus Dirsh, 1953
Hemicharilaus brunneri (Saussure, 1899)
Hemicharilaus monomorphus (Uvarov, 1929)
Pamphagodes Bolívar, 1878
Pamphagodes riffensis Bolívar, 1878
Paracharilaus Dirsh, 1961
Paracharilaus curvicollis (Karny, 1910)


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