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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Magnoliids
Ordo: Laurales

Familia: Lauraceae
Tribus: Cinnamomeae
Genus: Actinodaphne
Species: A. acuminata – A. albifrons – A. amabilis – A. ambigua – A. andamanica – A. archboldiana – A. areolata – A. bicolor – A. borneensis – A. bourdillonii – A. bourneae – A. brassii – A. caesia – A. campanulata – A. candolleana – A. celebica – A. cinerea – A. cochinchinensis – A. concinna – A. concolor – A. confertifolia – A. corymbosa – A. crassa – A. cupularis – A. cuspidata – A. densiflora – A. diversifolia – A. dolichophylla – A. elegans – A. ellipticibacca – A. engleriana – A. ferruginea – A. forrestii – A. fragilis – A. fuliginosa – A. furfuracea – A. glabra – A. glauca – A. glaucina – A. glomerata – A. gracilis – A. gullavara – A. henryi – A. hirsuta – A. hookeri – A. hypoleucophylla – A. javanica – A. johorensis – A. kinabaluensis – A. koshepangii – A. kostermansii – A. kweichowensis – A. lanata – A. lanceolata – A. latifolia – A. lawsonii – A. lecomtei – A. ledermannii – A. leiantha – A. leiophylla – A. longipes – A. macgregorii – A. macrophylla – A. macroptera – A. madraspatana – A. magniflora – A. malaccensis – A. mansonii – A. menghaiensis – A. microphylla – A. mollis – A. molochina – A. moluccana – A. montana – A. moonii – A. multiflora – A. mushaensis – A. myriantha – A. nicobarica – A. nitida – A. notabilis – A. novoguineensis – A. obovata – A. obscurinervia – A. obtusa – A. oleifolia – A. omeiensis – A. paotingensis – A. pauciflora – A. pedunculata – A. percoriacea – A. perglabra – A. perlucida – A. philippinensis – A. pilosa – A. pisifera – A. procera – A. pruinosa – A. pubescens – A. pulchra – A. quercina – A. quinqueflora – A. reticulata – A. ridleyi – A. robusta – A. rufescens – A. rumphii – A. salicina – A. samarensis – A. scleroptera – A. semengohensis – A. sesquipedalis – A. sessilifructa – A. setchuenensis – A. shendurunii – A. sikkimensis – A. soepadmoi – A. solomonensis – A. spathulifolia – A. speciosa – A. sphaerocarpa – A. stenophylla – A. sulcata – A. tadulingamii – A. tayabensis – A. tomentosa – A. trichocarpa – A. tsaii – A. venosa – A. wightiana


Actinodaphne Nees Pl. Asiat. Rar. 2: 61, 68. (1831)

Type species: Actinodaphne pruinosa Nees Pl. Asiat. Rar. 2: 68. (1831)


Actinomorphe Miq., Comm. Phytogr. 102. (1840)


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Actinodaphne is an Asian genus of the family Lauraceae, bay laurel-related, that comprises a group of flowering plants within the order Laurales.


This genus of dioecious evergreen trees and shrubs has 140 species, in tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, with 17 Chinese species, 13 of which are endemic. The trees are 3 to 25 m tall, with leaves usually clustered or nearly verticillate, rarely alternate or opposite, unlobed, pinninerved, and rarely triplinerved. The flowers are star-shaped, small, and greenish. The flowers are clustered or whorled and are unisexual.[1] Umbels are solitary or clustered or arranged in a panicle or raceme; involucral bracts are imbricated and caducous. The perianth tube is short; perianth segments usually number six in two whorls of three each, nearly equal, and rarely persistent. The male flowers have fertile stamens usually 9 in three whorls of three each; filaments of the first and second whorls are eglandular, and of the third whorl are biglandular at the base; anthers are all introrse and four-celled; cells openg by lids; the rudimentary pistil is small or lacking. The female flowers has staminodes as many as stamens of male flowers; the ovary is superior; the stigma is shield-shaped or dilated. The fruit is a berry-like drupe seated on shallow or deep, cup-shaped or discoid, perianth tube. It has a small single seed dispersed mostly by birds.

Actinodaphne species require continuously moist soil, and do not tolerate drought and frost. The laurel trees fall within the broad-leaved forests; mid-montane deciduous forests; and high-montane mixed stunted forests. Some species grow in high-altitude forests at 1,500–3,300 m (4,900–10,800 ft).

Actinodaphne albifrons
Actinodaphne bourdillonii
Actinodaphne bourneae
Actinodaphne cupularis
Actinodaphne cuspidata
Actinodaphne ellipticbacca
Actinodaphne forrestii
Actinodaphne glaucina
Actinodaphne fragilis
Actinodaphne henryi
Actinodaphne johorensis
Actinodaphne kweichowensis
Actinodaphne lanata
Actinodaphne lancifolia, known in Japanese as kagonoki (鹿子の木, "Deer calf tree") due to the texture of its bark
Actinodaphne lawsonii
Actinodaphne lecomtei
Actinodaphne magniflora
Actinodaphne malaccensis
Actinodaphne menghaiensis
Actinodaphne molochina
Actinodaphne montana
Actinodaphne mushanensis
Actinodaphne nitida
Actinodaphne obovata
Actinodaphne obscurinervia
Actinodaphne omeiensis
Actinodaphne paotingensis
Actinodaphne pilosa
Actinodaphne pruinosa
Actinodaphne quinqueflora
Actinodaphne salicina
Actinodaphne sessilifructa
Actinodaphne speciosa
Actinodaphne stenophylla
Actinodaphne trichocarpa
Actinodaphne tsaii


Flora of China

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