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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Lamiids
Ordo: Lamiales

Familia: Orobanchaceae
Tribus: Pedicularideae
Genus: Agalinis
Species: (67)
A. acuta – A. angustifolia – – A. aspera – A. auriculata – A. bandeirensis – A. bangii – A. brachyphylla – A. brevifolia – A. caddoensis – A. calycina – A. chaparensis – A. communis – A. densiflora – A. digitalis – A. divaricata – A. domingensis – A. edwardsiana – A. fasciculata – A. fiebrigii – A. filicaulis – A. filifolia – A. flexicaulis – A. gattingeri – A. genistifolia – A. glandulosa – A. gypsophila – A. harperi – A. heterophylla – A. homalantha – A. humilis – A. itambensis – A. kingsii – A. lanceolata – A. laxa – A. linarioides – A. linifolia – A. maritima – A. megalantha – A. meyeniana – A. nana – A. navasotensis – A. neoscotica – A. nuttallii – A. obtusifolia – A. oligophylla – A. ovatifolia – A. paupercula – A. peduncularis – A. pennellii – A. pinetorum – A. plukenetii – A. pulchella – A. purpurea – A. ramosissima – A. ramulifera – A. reflexidens – A. scarlatina – A. schwackeana – A. setacea – A. skinneriana – A. stenantha – A. strictifolia – A. tarijensis – A. tenuifolia – A. viridis – A. wrightiiA. aphylla


Agalinis Raf. New Fl. 2: 61–65. (1836) nom. cons.
Type species: Agalinis purpurea (L.) Pennell Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 40(3): 126. (1913)


Refinesque, C.S. (1836) New flora and botany of North America, or, A supplemental flora, additional to all the botanical works on North America and the United States. Containing 1000 new or revised species. 2: 61–65.
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Vernacular names
English: False Foxglove

Agalinis (false foxglove) is a genus of about 70 species in North, Central, and South America that until recently was aligned with members of the family Scrophulariaceae.[2] As a result of numerous molecular phylogenetic studies based on various chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) loci, it was shown to be more closely related to members of the Orobanchaceae. Agalinis species are hemiparasitic, which is a character that in part describes the Orobanchaceae.

The first detailed study of this genus began with Francis W. Pennell around 1908, and his earliest major publication of the North American members of this genus appeared in 1913. Dr. Judith Canne-Hilliker began to revise Pennell's treatment in 1977. Her taxonomic, anatomical, and developmental studies have greatly enhanced our understanding of this sometimes perplexing group. In particular, her studies of the seed surfaces using electron microscopy has shown that the seeds are diagnostic for delimiting species and has resulted in a realignment of Pennell's classification of the group. In the 1990s Gregg Dieringer investigated the reproductive ecology of several Agalinis spp., to include the self-incompatible Agalinis strictifolia and the autogamous bee-visited Agalinis skinneriana. Much remains to be studied in this regard, however.

One species of Agalinis, Agalinis acuta, is federally listed. This is mainly due to continued habitat loss within its historically known range. There are a number of species in North America that are ranked at the state and federal level. However, many of the species considered rare are ranked at the state level and represent species on the periphery of their range. There are a number of rare (and endemic) species that are not noted at the state or federal level, and the biogeography of this group in North America has yet to be studied in detail, and is poorly understood.

Agalinis acuta at Trustom Pond NWR.jpg Agalinis acuta sandplain false foxglove
Agalinis aphylla scaleleaf false foxglove
Agalinis aspera drawing.png Agalinis aspera harsh stem false foxglove
Agalinis auriculata earleaf false foxglove
Agalinis caddoensis Caddo false foxglove
Agalinis calycina Leoncita false foxglove
Agalinis densiflora Osage false foxglove
Agalinis divaricata pineland false foxglove
Agalinis edwardiana Edward's Plateau false foxglove
Agalinis fasciculata.jpg Agalinis fasciculata tall false foxglove
Agalinis filicaulis delicate false foxglove
Agalinis filifolia Florida false foxglove
Roundstem false foxglove (Agalinis gattingeri) (25765765862).jpg Agalinis gattingeri Midwest false foxglove
Agalinis georgiana Georgia false foxglove
Agalinis harperi Gulf Coastal Plain false foxglove
Agalinis heterophylla.jpg Agalinis heterophylla prairie false foxglove
Agalinis homolantha San Antonio false foxglove
Agalinis itambensis
Agalinis kingsii
Agalinis laxa long-pediceled false foxglove
Agalinis linifolia perennial false foxglove
Agalinis maritima saltmarsh false foxglove
Agalinis nana
Agalinis navasotensis Navasota false foxglove
Agalinis neoscotica Nova Scotia false foxglove
Agalinis obtusifolia variable false foxglove
Agalinis oligophylla ridgestem false foxglove
Agalinis paupercula.jpg Agalinis paupercula boreal false foxglove
Agalinis plukenetii chattahoochee false foxglove
Agalinis pulchella savanna false foxglove
Agalinis purpurea.jpg Agalinis purpurea purple false foxglove
Agalinis setacea threadleaf false foxglove
Agalinis schwackeana
Agalinis skinneriana Skinner's false foxglove
Agalinis strictifolia clasping false foxglove
Agalinis tenuifolia 2.jpg Agalinis tenuifolia slender false foxglove
Agalinis viridis green false foxglove


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