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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Rosids
Cladus: Eurosids I
Ordo: Fabales

Familia: Fabaceae
Subfamilia: Faboideae
Tribus: Sophoreae
Genus: Baphia
Subgenera: B. subg. Baphia – B. subg. Macrobaphion
Species: B. abyssinica – B. angolensis – B. aurivellera – B. bequaertii – B. bergeri – B. brachybotrys – B. breteleriana – B. buettneri – B. burttii – B. capparidifolia – B. chrysophylla – B. claessensii – B. cordifolia – B. cuspidata – B. cymosa – B. dewevrei – B. dewildeana – B. dubia – B. eriocalyx – B. gossweileri – B. heudelotiana – B. incerta – B. kirkii – B. latiloi – B. laurentii – B. laurifolia – B. leptobotrys – B. leptostemma – B. letestui – B. longipedicellata – B. macrocalyx – B. madagascariensis – B. mambillensis – B. marceliana – B. massaiensis – B. maxima – B. megaphylla – B. nitida – B. obanensis – B. pauloi – B. pilosa – B. preussii – B. pubescens – B. puguensis – B. punctulata – B. rosa – B. semseiana – B. spathacea – B. speciosa – B. vili – B. wollastonii

Baphia Afzel. ex Lodd., Bot. Cab. 4: 367. (1820)
Type species: Baphia nitida Lodd., Bot. Cab. 4: 367. (1820)


Delaria Desv. Ann. Sci. Nat. (Paris) 9: 406. (1826)
Bracteolaria Hochst., Flora, 24: (1841) II. 658

Primary references

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Additional references

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Vernacular names

Baphia is a small genus of legumes that bear simple leaves.[2] Baphia is from the Greek word βάπτω (báptō-, "to dip" or "to dye"), referring to a red dye that is extracted from the heartwood of tropical species.[2][3] The genus is restricted to the African tropics. Baphia was traditionally assigned to the tribe Sophoreae;[4] however, recent molecular phylogenetic analyses reassigned Baphia to the tribe Baphieae.[5][6][7][8]


Baphia comprises the following species:[1][9][10][11]

Section Alata M.O.Soladoye

  • Baphia cordifolia Harms

Section Baphia Lodd.

Series Baphia Lodd.

  • Baphia abyssinica Brummitt
  • Baphia dewevrei De Wild.
  • Baphia dewildeana M.O.Soladoye
  • Baphia latiloi M.O.Soladoye
  • Baphia laurifolia Baillon
  • Baphia longipedicellata De Wild.
    • subsp. keniensis (Brummitt) M.O.Soladoye
    • subsp. longipedicellata De Wild.
  • Baphia mambillensis M.O.Soladoye
  • Baphia marceliana De Wild.
    • subsp. marceliana De Wild.
    • subsp. marquesii (M.Exell) M.O.Soladoye
  • Baphia nitida Lodd. (Camwood)
  • Baphia pauloi Brummitt
  • Baphia pubescens Hook.f.
  • Baphia puguensis Brummitt
  • Baphia punctulata Harms
    • subsp. descampsii (De Wild.) M.O.Soladoye
    • subsp. palmensis M.O.Soladoye
    • subsp. punctulata Harms

Series Contiguinae M.O.Soladoye

  • Baphia angolensis Baker
  • Baphia brachybotrys Harms
  • Baphia breteleriana M.O.Soladoye
  • Baphia buettneri Harms
    • subsp. buettneri Harms
    • subsp. hylophila (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
  • Baphia gossweileri Baker f.
  • Baphia incerta De Wild.
    • subsp. incerta De Wild.
    • subsp. lebrunii (L.Touss.) M.O.Soladoye
  • Baphia leptostemma Baillon
    • subsp. gracilipes (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
      • var. gracilipes (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
      • var. conraui (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
    • subsp. leptostemma Baillon
  • Baphia preussii Harms
  • Baphia obanensis Baker f.
  • Baphia wollastonii Baker f.

Series Spathaceae M.O.Soladoye

  • Baphia eriocalyx Harms
  • Baphia spathacea Hook.f.
    • subsp. polyantha (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
    • subsp. spathacea Hook.f.

Section Bracteolaria (Hochst.) Benth.

  • Baphia aurivellera Taubert
  • Baphia capparidifolia Baker
    • subsp. bangweolensis (R.E.Fries) Brummitt
    • subsp. capparidifolia Baker
    • subsp. multiflora (Harms) Brummitt
    • subsp. polygalacea Brummitt
  • Baphia dubia De Wild.
  • Baphia heudelotiana Baillon
  • Baphia kirkii Baker
    • subsp. kirkii Baker
    • subsp. ovata (Sim) M.O.Soladoye
  • Baphia laurentii De Wild.
  • Baphia racemosa (Hochst.) Baker

Section Longibracteolatae (Lester-Garland) M.O.Soladoye

Series Chrysophyllae M.O.Soladoye

  • Baphia burttii Baker f.
  • Baphia chrysophylla Taubert
    • subsp. chrysophylla Taubert
    • subsp. claessensii (De Wild.) Brummitt
  • Baphia cuspidata Taubert
  • Baphia massaiensis Taubert
    • subsp. busseana (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
    • subsp. floribunda Brummitt
    • subsp. gomesii (Baker f.) Brummitt
    • subsp. massaiensis Taubert
    • subsp. obovata (Schinz) Brummitt
      • var. cornifolia (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
      • var. obovata (Schinz) M.O.Soladoye
      • var. whitei (Brummitt) M.O.Soladoye
  • Baphia speciosa J.B.Gillett & Brummitt

Series Macranthae M.O.Soladoye

  • Baphia bequaertii De Wild.
  • Baphia letestui Pellegrin
  • Baphia maxima Baker

Series Striatae (Lester Garland) M.O.Soladoye

  • Baphia leptobotrys Harms
    • subsp. leptobotrys Harms
    • subsp. silvatica (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
  • Baphia pilosa Baillon
    • subsp. batangensis (Harms) M.O.Soladoye
    • subsp. pilosa Baillon

Section Macrobaphia Harms emend. M.O.Soladoye

  • Baphia bergeri De Wild.
  • Baphia macrocalyx Harms
  • Baphia semseiana Brummitt

Incertae Sedis

  • Baphia cymosa Breteler
  • Baphia madagascariensis (A.Heller) A.Heller Baphia cymosa Breteler
    Baphia madagascariensis (A.Heller) A.Heller

Species names with uncertain taxonomic status

The status of the following species is unresolved:[11]

Baphia glauca A. Chev.
Baphia longepetiolata Taub.
Baphia madagascariensis C.H. Stirt. & Du Puy
Baphia megaphylla Breteler
Baphia radcliffei Baker f.


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