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Cladus: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Divisio: Magnoliophyta
Classis: Magnoliopsida
Ordo: Asterales
Familia: Asteraceae
Subfamilia: Cichorioideae
Tribus: Cardueae
Subtribus: Carduinae
Genus: Carduus
Species: C. acanthoides - C. adpressus - C. carpetanus - C. chamaecephalus - C. crispus - C. defloratus - C. keniensis - C. nutans - C. personata - C. pycnocephalus - C. tenuiflorus - C. thoermeri


Carduus L.


* Carduus Report on ITIS

Vernacular names
Dansk: Tidsel
Deutsch: Ringdisteln
Lietuvių: Dagys
Nederlands: Distels
Polski: Oset
Русский: Чертополох

Carduus is a genus of about 90 species of thistles in the family Asteraceae, native to Europe, Asia and Africa. Carduus is Latin for a thistle.[1]

Carduus thistles are used as food plants by the caterpillars of some Lepidoptera species, including the Thistle Ermine (Myelois circumvoluta) and the case-bearer Coleophora therinella.

Selected species

* Carduus acanthoides (Plumeless Thistle)
* Carduus benedictus (Blessed Thistle) - a synonym for Centaurea benedicta
* Carduus chamaecephalus African species
* Carduus crispus (Curly Plumeless Thistle)
* Carduus defloratus (Alpine Thistle)
* Carduus keniensis is a giant rosette thistle endemic to Mount Kenya and the Aberdares
* Carduus nutans (Musk Thistle or Nodding Thistle)
* Carduus personata (Great Marsh Thistle)
* Carduus pycnocephalus (Italian Plumeless Thistle)
* Carduus tenuiflorus (Slender Thistle)


* Carduus × orthocephalus


Cardonnacum, derived from carduus, is Latin for a place with thistles. This is believed to be the origin for the name of the Burgundy village of Chardonnay, Saône-et-Loire, which in turn is thought to be the home of the famous Chardonnay grape variety.

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