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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Cladus: Commelinids
Ordo: Poales

Familia: Poaceae
Subfamilia: Danthonioideae
Genus: Chionochloa
Species: C. acicularis – C. antarctica – C. australis – C. beddiei – C. bromoides – C. cheesemanii – C. conspicua – C. crassiusculus – C. defracta – C. flavescens – C. flavicans – C. frigida – C. howensis – C. juncea – C. lanea – C. macra – C. nivifera – C. oreophila – C. ovata – C. pallens – C. rigida – C. rubra – C. spiralis – C. teretifolia – C. vireta

Chionochloa Zotov, New Zealand J. Bot. 1: 87 (1963)

Type species: Chionochloa rigida (Raoul) Zotov, New Zealand J. Bot. 1: 96. (1963)


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Vernacular names
English: Snow Grass, New Zealand Tussock Grasses
suomi: Lumiheinät
Māori: Hunangamoho

Chionochloa is a genus of tussock grass in the family Poaceae, found primarily in New Zealand with one known species in New Guinea and another on Lord Howe Island (part of Australia).[1][2] Some of the species are referred to as snowgrass.[3]

Most of the species in the genus grow in clumps, some up to 1.5 m tall. Red tussock dominates the tall tussock grasslands on the volcanic mountains of the North Island of New Zealand and can also be found in areas on the northern half of the South Island. Snow tussock, of which there are several species, can be found above the tree line together with other species.[4]


Chionochloa acicularis Zotov - South I
Chionochloa antarctica (Hook.f.) Zotov - Auckland Is, Campbell I
Chionochloa archboldii (Hitchc.) Conert - New Guinea
Chionochloa australis (Buchanan) Zotov - South I
Chionochloa beddiei Zotov - North I
Chionochloa bromoides (Hook.f.) Zotov - North I
Chionochloa cheesemanii (Hack. ex Cheeseman) Zotov - North + South Is
Chionochloa conspicua (G.Forst.) Zotov - North + South Is
Chionochloa crassiuscula (Kirk) Zotov - South I
Chionochloa defracta Connor - South I
Chionochloa flavescens Zotov - North + South Is
Chionochloa flavicans Zotov - North I
Chionochloa frigida (Vickery) Conert - North + South Is
Chionochloa howensis S.W.L.Jacobs - Lord Howe I
Chionochloa juncea Zotov - South I
Chionochloa lanea Connor - South I
Chionochloa macra Zotov - South I
Chionochloa nivifera Connor & K.M.Lloyd - South I
Chionochloa oreophila (Petrie) Zotov - South I
Chionochloa ovata (Buchanan) Zotov - South I
Chionochloa pallens Zotov - North + South Is
Chionochloa rigida (Raoul) Zotov - South I
Chionochloa rubra Zotov - North + South Is
Chionochloa spiralis Zotov - South I
Chionochloa teretifolia (Petrie) Zotov - South I
Chionochloa vireta Connor - South I

formerly included[5]

see Rytidosperma

Chionochloa pallida - Rytidosperma pallidum


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