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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Lamiids
Ordo: Solanales

Familia: Convolvulaceae
Tribus: Cresseae
Genus: Evolvulus
Sectiones: E. sect. Alsinoides – E. sect. Ambigui – E. sect. Bracteosi – E. sect. Evolvulus – E. sect. Involucrati – E. sect. Lagopodini – E. sect. Linoidei – E. sect. Paniculati – E. sect. Passerinoidei – E. sect. Phyllostachyi – E. sect. Racemulosi

Species: E. alopecuroides – E. alsinoides – E. altissimus – E. anagalloides – E. arbuscula – E. arenarius – E. arenicola – E. argyreus – E. arizonicus – E. aurigenius – E. barbatus – E. bogotensis – E. boliviensis – E. bracei – E. brevifolius – E. cardiophyllus – E. chamaepitys – E. chapadensis – E. choapanus – E. chrysotrichos – E. comosus – E. convolvuloides – E. cordatus – E. corumbaensis – E. cressoides – E. daphnoides – E. delicatus – E. diosmoides – E. elaeagnifolius – E. elegans – E. ericifolius – E. fieldii – E. filipes – E. flavus – E. flexuosus – E. frankenioides – E. fuscus – E. genistoides – E. glaziovii – E. glomeratus – E. gnaphaloides – E. goyazensis – E. grisebachii – E. gypsophiloides – E. hallierii – E. harleyi – E. hasslerianus – E. helianthemifolius – E. helichrysoides – E. herrerae – E. hypocrateriflorus – E. incanus – E. jacobinus – E. kramerioides – E. lagopodioides – E. lagopus – E. lanatus – E. latifolius – E. linarioides – E. linoides – E. lithospermoides – E. luetzelburgii – E. macroblepharis – E. magnus – E. maximiliani – E. minimus – E. niveus – E. nummularius – E. nuttallianus – E. ovatus – E. paniculatus – E. passerinoides – E. peruvianus – E. phyllanthoides – E. piurensis – E. pohlii – E. prostratus – E. pterocaulon – E. pterygophyllus – E. purpusii – E. pusillus – E. rariflorus – E. riedelii – E. rotundifolius – E. rufus – E. saxifragus – E. scoparioides – E. sericeus – E. serpylloides – E. siliceus – E. simplex – E. speciosus – E. squamosus – E. stellariifolius – E. tenuis – E. thymiflorus – E. tomentosus – E. villosissimus – E. villosus – E. vimineus – E. weberbauer
Source(s) of checklist:

Govaerts, R. et al. 2019. Evolvulus in World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published online. Accessed: 2019 November 05. Reference page.


Evolvulus L., Sp. Pl. ed. 2, 1: 391 (1762).

Lectotype species: E. nummularius (L.) L., designated by N.L. Britton & A. Brown, Ill. Fl. N.U.S. ed. 2. 3: 42. 1913)


Vistnu Adans., Fam. Pl. 2: 245 (1763).
Camdenia Scop., Intr. Hist. Nat.: 190 (1777).
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Tussacia Willd. ex Schult. & Schult.f. in J.J.Roemer & J.A.Schultes, Syst. Veg., ed. 15 bis 7(1): x (1829), nom. illeg.
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Leucomalla Phil., Anales Univ. Chile 36: 189 (1870).
Volvulopsis Roberty, Candollea 14: 28 (1952).

Primary references

Linnaeus, C. 1762. Species Plantarum, ed. 2, Tomus I: 391. Reference page.

Additional references

Britton, N.L. & Brown, A. 1913. An illustrated flora of the northern United States, Canada and the British possessions: from Newfoundland to the parallel of the southern boundary of Virginia, and from the Atlantic Ocean westward to the 102d meridian. ed. 2. C. Scribner's sons, New York. Vol. 3: 42. Reference page.
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Vernacular names
English: dwarf morning-glory

Evolvulus is a genus of flowering plants in the Convolvulaceae, the morning glory family. They are known generally as dwarf morning glories.[1] Most are native to the Americas. There are about 100 species.[2]

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These plants are annual and perennial herbs and shrubs. They have non-twining stems. The leaves have smooth edges. Flowers are borne singly or in small clusters, or sometimes in spikes. The corolla is round and flat or bell-shaped. The fruit is a capsule containing 1 to 4 seeds.[2]

The genus name Evolvulus comes from the Latin word meaning "to unroll", inspired by its non-vining form.[3]

The following species are recognised in the genus Evolvulus:[4]

Evolvulus alopecuroides
Evolvulus alsinoides - slender dwarf morning glory
Evolvulus altissimus
Evolvulus anagalloides
Evolvulus arbuscula
Evolvulus arenarius
Evolvulus arenicola
Evolvulus argyreus
Evolvulus arizonicus - wild dwarf morning glory, hairy evolvulus
Evolvulus aurigenius
Evolvulus barbatus
Evolvulus bogotensis
Evolvulus boliviensis
Evolvulus bracei House
Evolvulus bracei (Meisn.) Ooststr.
Evolvulus cardiophyllus
Evolvulus chamaepitys
Evolvulus chapadensis
Evolvulus choapanus
Evolvulus chrysotrichos
Evolvulus comosus
Evolvulus convolvuloides - bindweed dwarf morning glory
Evolvulus cordatus
Evolvulus corumbaensis
Evolvulus cressoides
Evolvulus daphnoides
Evolvulus delicatus
Evolvulus diosmoides
Evolvulus elaeagnifolius
Evolvulus elegans
Evolvulus ericifolius
Evolvulus fieldii
Evolvulus filipes - Maryland dwarf morning glory
Evolvulus flavus
Evolvulus flexuosus
Evolvulus frankenioides
Evolvulus fuscus
Evolvulus genistoides
Evolvulus glaziovii
Evolvulus glomeratus - Brazilian dwarf morning glory
Evolvulus gnaphalioides
Evolvulus goyazensis
Evolvulus grisebachii - Grisebach's dwarf morning glory
Evolvulus gypsophiloides
Evolvulus hallieri
Evolvulus harleyi
Evolvulus hasslerianus
Evolvulus helianthemifolius
Evolvulus helianthemoides
Evolvulus helichrysoides
Evolvulus herrerae
Evolvulus hypocrateriflorus
Evolvulus incanus
Evolvulus jacobinus
Evolvulus kramerioides
Evolvulus lagopodioides
Evolvulus lagopus
Evolvulus lanatus
Evolvulus latifolius
Evolvulus linarioides
Evolvulus linoides
Evolvulus lithospermoides
Evolvulus luetzelburgii
Evolvulus macroblepharis
Evolvulus magnus
Evolvulus maximiliani
Evolvulus minimus
Evolvulus niveus
Evolvulus nummularius - agracejo rastrero
Evolvulus nuttallianus - shaggy dwarf morning glory
Evolvulus ovatus
Evolvulus paniculatus
Evolvulus passerinoides
Evolvulus peruvianus
Evolvulus phyllanthoides
Evolvulus piurensis
Evolvulus pohlii
Evolvulus prostratus
Evolvulus pterocaulon
Evolvulus pterygophyllus
Evolvulus purpusii
Evolvulus pusillus
Evolvulus rariflorus
Evolvulus riedelii
Evolvulus rotundifolius
Evolvulus rufus
Evolvulus saxifragus
Evolvulus scoparioides
Evolvulus sericeus - silver dwarf morning glory
Evolvulus serpylloides
Evolvulus siliceus
Evolvulus simplex
Evolvulus speciosus
Evolvulus squamosus - rockyplains dwarf morning glory
Evolvulus stellariifolius
Evolvulus tenuis
Evolvulus thymiflorus
Evolvulus tomentosus
Evolvulus villosissimus
Evolvulus villosus
Evolvulus vimineus
Evolvulus weberbaueri


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