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Gardenia thunbergia

Gardenia thunbergia (*)

Cladus: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Divisio: Magnoliophyta
Classis: Magnoliopsida
Ordo: Gentianales
Familia: Rubiaceae
Subfamilia: Ixoroideae
Tribus: Gardenieae
Genus: Gardenia
Species Gardenia thunbergia


Gardenia thunbergia L.f.


[1] [2]

* Caquepiria bergkia J.F.Gmel.
* Gardenia capensis (Montin) Druce
* Gardenia crassicaulis Salisb. nom. illeg.
* Gardenia speciosa Salisb. nom. illeg.
* Gardenia verticillata Lam. nom. illeg.
* Piringa caquepiria Juss. nom. illeg.
* Warneria thunbergia (L. f.) Stuntz


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2. ↑ African Flowering Plants Database

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Vernacular names
Svenska: Skogsgardenia


Gardenia thunbergia is a shrub or small tree found in forest or on forest margins, occurring in the Eastern Cape, Natal and Transkei in South Africa. Densely twiggy and rigid with smooth light-grey bark. The leaves are smooth, shiny, whorled and entire, and clustered at the ends of branchlets. The profusely-borne flowers are large, white, extremely fragrant and about 70mm in diameter with long tubes only accessible to the probosces of nocturnal hawkmoths. The fruits are hard, woody, and fibrous, about 80mm long and about 40mm in diameter, light-grey with small raised white spots and can persist on the tree for some years if not browsed by elephant or antelope.

Gardenia thunbergia was first introduced to Kew as early as 1773. It belongs to the very large family of Rubiaceae, which includes plants such as coffee (Coffea arabica), quinine (Cinchona) and numerous ornamental trees and shrubs with showy flowers.

Common names

* Wild Gardenia
* White Gardenia
* Forest Gardenia
* Tree Gardenia

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