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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Rosids
Cladus: Eurosids II
Ordo: Malvales

Familia: Dipterocarpaceae
Subfamilia: Dipterocarpoideae
Genus: Hopea
Species: H. acuminata – H. aequalis – H. altocollina – H. apiculata – H. aptera – H. auriculata – H. basilanica – H. beccariana – H. bilitonensis – H. brachyptera – H. brevipetiolaris – H. cagayanensis – H. canarensis – H. celebica – H. centipeda – H. chinensis – H. cordata – H. cordifolia – H. coriacea – H. dasyrrhachis – H. depressinerva – H. discolor – H. dryobalanoides – H. dyeri – H. enicosanthoides – H. erosa – H. exalata – H. ferrea – H. ferruginea – H. fluvialis – H. foxworthyi – H. glabra – H. glabrifolia – H. glaucescens – H. gregaria – H. griffithii – H. hainanensis – H. helferi – H. hongayanensis – H. inexpectata – H. iriana – H. jacobi – H. johorensis – H. kerangasensis – H. latifolia – H. longirostrata – H. malabarica – H. malibato – H. megacarpa – H. mengarawan – H. mesuoides – H. micrantha – H. mindanensis – H. mollissima – H. montana – H. nervosa – H. nigra – H. nutans – H. oblongifolia – H. odorata – H. ovoidea – H. pachycarpa – H. papuana – H. parviflora – H. paucinervis – H. pedicellata – H. pentanervia – H. philippinensis – H. pierrei – H. plagata – H. polyalthioides – H. ponga – H. pterygota – H. pubescens – H. quisumbingiana – H. racophloea – H. recopei – H. reticulata – H. samarensis – H. sangal – H. scabra – H. semicuneata – H. shingkeng – H. siamensis – H. sphaerocarpa – H. subalata – H. sublanceolata – H. sulcata – H. tenuivervula – H. thorelii – H. ultima – H. utilis – H. vaccinifolia – H. wightiana – H. wyatt-smithii

Hopea Roxb., 1811

Type species: Hopea odorata Roxb.


Balanocarpus Bedd.
Dioticarpus Dunn
Hancea Pierre (1890) nom. illeg. hom. vide Hancea Seem. (1857) (Euphorbiaceae)
Neisandra Raf.
Petalandra Hassk.
Pierrea F.Heim
Pierreocarpus Ridl. ex Symington

Primary references

Roxburgh, W. 1819. Plants of the Coast of Coromandel; selected from drawings and descriptions presented to the hon. court of directors of the East India Company, / by William Roxburgh, M.D. ; Published, by their order, under the direction of Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. P.R.S. ; Vol. III. London. BHL Reference page. : 3: 7.


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Vernacular names
lietuvių: Hopėja
Tiếng Việt: Chi Sao
中文: 坡垒属

Hopea is a genus of plants in the family Dipterocarpaceae. The genus was named after John Hope, 1725–1786, the first Regius Keeper of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. It contains some 113 species, distributed from Sri Lanka and southern India to southern China, and southward throughout Malesia to New Guinea. They are mainly main and subcanopy trees of lowland rainforest,[1] but some species can become also emergent trees, such as Hopea nutans.

Species accepted:[3]

Hopea acuminata Merr.
Hopea aequalis P.S.Ashton
Hopea altocollina P.S.Ashton
Hopea andersonii P.S.Ashton
Hopea apiculata Symington
Hopea aptera P.S.Ashton
Hopea auriculata Foxw.
Hopea bancana (Boerl.) Slooten
Hopea basilanica Foxw.
Hopea beccariana Burck
Hopea bilitonensis P.S.Ashton
Hopea brachyptera (Foxw.) Slooten
Hopea bracteata Burck
Hopea brevipetiolaris (Thwaites ex Trimen) P.S.Ashton
Hopea bullatifolia P.S.Ashton
Hopea cagayanensis (Foxw.) Slooten
Hopea canarensis Hole
Hopea celebica Burck
Hopea celtidifolia Kosterm.
Hopea centipeda P.S.Ashton
Hopea cernua Teijsm. & Binn.
Hopea chinensis (Merr.) Hand.-Mazz.
Hopea cordata J.E.Vidal
Hopea cordifolia (Thwaites) Trimen
Hopea coriacea Burck
Hopea dasyrrhachis Slooten
Hopea depressinerva P.S.Ashton
Hopea discolor Thwaites
Hopea dryobalanoides Miq.
Hopea dyeri F.Heim
Hopea enicosanthoides P.S.Ashton
Hopea erosa (Bedd.) Slooten
Hopea ferrea Laness.
Hopea ferruginea Parijs
Hopea fluvialis P.S.Ashton
Hopea forbesii (Brandis) Slooten
Hopea foxworthyi Elmer
Hopea glabra Wight & Arn.
Hopea glabrifolia C.T.White
Hopea glaucescens Symington
Hopea gregaria Slooten
Hopea griffithii Kurz
Hopea hainanensis Merr. & Chun
Hopea helferi (Dyer) Brandis
Hopea inexpectata P.S.Ashton
Hopea iriana Slooten
Hopea jacobi C.E.C.Fisch.
Hopea johorensis Symington
Hopea jucunda Thwaites
Hopea kerangasensis P.S.Ashton
Hopea latifolia Symington
Hopea longirostrata P.S.Ashton
Hopea macrocarpa Poopath & Sookch.
Hopea malibato Foxw.
Hopea megacarpa P.S.Ashton
Hopea mengarawan Miq.
Hopea mesuoides P.S.Ashton
Hopea micrantha Hook.f.
Hopea mindanensis Foxw.
Hopea modesta (A.DC.) Kosterm.
Hopea montana Symington
Hopea myrtifolia Miq.
Hopea nervosa King
Hopea nigra Burck
Hopea nodosa Slooten
Hopea novoguineensis Slooten
Hopea nutans Ridl.
Hopea oblongifolia Dyer
Hopea obscurinerva P.S.Ashton
Hopea odorata Roxb.
Hopea ovoidea P.S.Ashton
Hopea pachycarpa (F.Heim) Symington
Hopea papuana Diels
Hopea parviflora Bedd.
Hopea parvifolia (Warb.) Slooten
Hopea paucinervis Parijs
Hopea pedicellata (Brandis) Symington
Hopea pentanervia Symington ex G.H.S.Wood
Hopea philippinensis Dyer
Hopea pierrei Hance
Hopea plagata (Blanco) S.Vidal
Hopea polyalthioides Symington
Hopea ponga (Dennst.) Mabb.
Hopea pterygota P.S.Ashton
Hopea pubescens Ridl.
Hopea racophloea Dyer
Hopea recopei Pierre ex Laness.
Hopea reticulata Tardieu
Hopea reynosoi H.G.Gut., Rojo & Madulid
Hopea rudiformis P.S.Ashton
Hopea rugifolia P.S.Ashton
Hopea samarensis H.G.Gut.
Hopea sangal Korth.
Hopea santosiana H.G.Gut., Rojo & Madulid
Hopea scabra P.S.Ashton
Hopea schmidtii F.Heim
Hopea semicuneata Symington
Hopea shingkeng (Dunn) Bor
Hopea similis Slooten
Hopea sphaerocarpa (F.Heim) P.S.Ashton
Hopea subalata Symington
Hopea sublanceolata Symington
Hopea subpeltata Poopath & Pooma
Hopea sulcata Symington
Hopea tenuinervula P.S.Ashton
Hopea thorelii Pierre
Hopea treubii F.Heim
Hopea ultima P.S.Ashton
Hopea utilis (Bedd.) Bole
Hopea vacciniifolia Ridl. ex P.S.Ashton
Hopea vesquei F.Heim
Hopea vietnamensis H.V.Sam & V.D.Vu
Hopea wyattsmithii G.H.S.Wood ex P.S.Ashton

Other species recently used, but now not accepted include:

Hopea exalata, now a synonym of Hopea reticulata[4]
Hopea kitulgallensis, not now accepted[5]
Hopea malabarica, now a synonym of Hopea racophloea[6]
Hopea quisumbingiana, not now accepted[7]
Hopea siamensis, now a synonym of Hopea pierrei[8]
Hopea wightiana Wall., now a synonym of Hopea ponga[9]


Hopea beccariana

Hopea odorata


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