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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Cladus: Commelinids
Ordo: Poales

Familia: Poaceae
Subfamilia: Chloridoideae
Tribus: Cynodonteae
Subtribus: Eleusininae
Genus: Lepturus
Species: L. anadabolavensis – L. androyensis – L. boinensis – L. calcareus – L. copeanus – L. geminatus – L. humbertianus – L. minutus – L. nesiotes – L. perrieri – L. pulchellus – L. radicans – L. repens – L. tenuis –L. xerophilus

Lepturus R.Br., Prodr. Fl. Nov. Holl.: 207 (1810)
Type species: Lepturus repens (G.Forst.) R.Br., Prodr. Fl. Nov. Holl.: 207 (1810)


Monerma P.Beauv., Ess. Agrostogr.: 116 (1812), nom. superfl.
Leptocercus Raf., Amer. Monthly Mag. & Crit. Rev. 4: 190 (1819), nom. superfl.
Lepiurus Dumort., Observ. Gramin. Belg.: 90 (1824), nom. superfl.
Leptocereus Raf., J. Phys. Chim. Hist. Nat. Arts 89: 262 (1819), orth. var.
Ischnurus Balf.f., Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinburgh 12: 98 (1883).


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Lepturus (common name thintail) is a genus of plants in the grass family, native to Asia, Africa, Australia, and various islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.[2][3][4][5][6]


Lepturus anadabolavensis A.Camus - Madagascar
Lepturus androyensis A.Camus - Madagascar
Lepturus boinensis A.Camus - Madagascar
Lepturus calcareus Cope - Socotra
Lepturus copeanus B.K.Simon - Australia
Lepturus geminatus C.E.Hubb. - Australia
Lepturus humbertianus A.Camus - Madagascar
Lepturus minutus B.K.Simon - Queensland
Lepturus nesiotes Cope - Socotra
Lepturus perrieri A.Camus - Madagascar
Lepturus pulchellus (Balf.f.) Clayton - Socotra
Lepturus radicans (Steud.) A.Camus - Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, Seychelles, India
Lepturus repens (J.R.Forst.) R.Br. - Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, KwaZulu-Natal, Madagascar, Chagos Is, Mauritius, Rodrigues I, Aldabra, Lakshadweep, Sri Lanka, Andaman Is, Paracel Is, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Cocos Is, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Christmas I, New Guinea, Solomon Is, Australia (including on Bramble Cay in the Torres Strait[9]), many of the Pacific Islands
Lepturus tenuis Balf.f. - Socotra
Lepturus xerophilus Domin - Australia

formerly included[1]

numerous species now considered better suited in other genera: Hemarthria Henrardia Hainardia Oropetium Parapholis Scribneria


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