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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Ordo: Proteales

Familia: Proteaceae
Subfamilia: Grevilleoideae
Tribus: Macadamieae
Subtribus: Gevuininae – Macadamiinae – Malagasiinae – Virotiinae
Genera: Athertonia – Bleasdalea – Brabejum – Cardwellia – Catalepidia – Euplassa – Gevuina – Heliciopsis – Hicksbeachia – Kermadecia – Lasjia – Macadamia – Malagasia – Nothorites – Panopsis – Sleumerodendron – Turrillia – Virotia

Macadamieae Venk.Rao (1968)

Type genus: Macadamia F.Muell.


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