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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Rosids
Cladus: Eurosids II
Ordo: Sapindales

Familia: Rutaceae
Subfamilia: Amyridoideae
Genus: Melicope
Species: M. aberrans – M. accedens – M. acuminata – M. adscendens – M. aequata – M. affinis – M. alba – M. albiflora – M. alpestris – M. aneura – M. anisata – M. anomala – M. bakeri – M. balankazo – M. balgooyi – M. balloui – M. barbigera – M. belahe – M. benguetensis – M. blancoi – M. bonwickii – M. borbonica – M. boweriana – M. bracteata – M. brassii – M. broadbentiana – M. buennemeijeri – M. burmahia – M. burttiana – M. buwaldae – M. calycina – M. capillacea – M. carrii – M. celebica – M. chapelieri – M. christophersenii – M. chunii – M. cinerea – M. clemensiae – M. clusiifolia – M. conjugata – M. contermina – M. coodeana – M. corneri – M. cornuta – M. crassifolia – M. crassiramis – M. cravenii – M. crispula – M. cruciata – M. cucullata – M. degeneri – M. denhamii – M. dicksoniana – M. discolor – M. doormani-montis – M. dubia – M. durifolia – M. elleryana – M. elliptica – M. eriophylla – M. erromangensis – M. euneura – M. evansensis – M. exuta – M. fatraina – M. fatuhivensis – M. feddei – M. fellii – M. flaviflora – M. floribunda – M. forbesii – M. frutescens – M. fulva – M. glabella – M. glaberrima – M. glabra – M. glomerata – M. goilalensis – M. grisea – M. haleakalae – M. haupuensis – M. hawaiensis – M. hayesii – M. hiepkoi – M. hiiakae – M. hivaoaensis – M. homoeophylla – M. hookeri – M. hosakae – M. idiocarpa – M. improvisa – M. incana – M. indica – M. inopinata – M. irifica – M. jonesii – M. jugosa – M. kaalaensis – M. kainantuensis – M. kavaiensis – M. kjellbergii – M. knudsenii – M. kostermansii – M. laevis – M. lamii – M. lasioneura – M. latifolia – M. lauterbachii – M. laxa – M. leptococca – M. littoralis – M. lobocarpa – M. longior – M. lucida – M. lunu-ankenda – M. lydgatei – M. macgregorii – M. macrocarpa – M. macrophylla – M. macropus – M. madagascariensis – M. magnifolia – M. makahae – M. maliliensis – M. × – M. margaretae – M. maxii – M. megastigma – M. micrococca – M. mindorensis – M. molokaiensis – M. moluccana – M. montana – M. monticola – M. mucronata – M. mucronulata – M. munroi – M. nealae – M. neglecta – M. nishimurae – M. novoguineensis – M. nubicola – M. nukuhivensis – M. oahuensis – M. oblanceolata – M. obovata – M. obscura – M. obtusifolia – M. oppenheimeri – M. orbicularis – M. ovalis – M. ovata – M. pachyphylla – M. pachypoda – M. pahangensis – M. palawensis – M. pallida – M. paniculata – M. papuana – M. patulinervia – M. pauciflora – M. pedicellata – M. peduncularis – M. pendula – M. peninsularis – M. pergamentacea – M. perlmanii – M. perryae – M. petiolaris – M. petrophila – M. phanerophlebia – M. polyadenia – M. polybotrya – M. ponapensis – M. pseudoanisata – M. pteleifolia – M. puberula – M. pubifolia – M. pulgarensis – M. quadrangularis – M. quadrilocularis – M. radiata – M. ramuliflora – M. reflexa – M. remyi – M. reticulata – M. retusa – M. revoluta – M. rhytidocarpa – M. richii – M. ridsdalei – M. rigoensis – M. robbinsii – M. robusta – M. rostrata – M. rotundifolia – M. rubra – M. saint-johnii – M. sambiranensis – M. sandwicensis – M. savaiensis – M. schraderi – M. seemannii – M. segregis – M. semecarpifolia – M. sessilifoliola – M. sessilis – M. simplex – M. sororia – M. spathulata – M. steenisii – M. stellulata – M. sterrophylla – M. stonei – M. suberosa – M. subunifoliolata – M. sudestica – M. sulcata – M. tahitensis – M. taveuniensis – M. tekaoensis – M. ternata – M. timorensis – M. trachycarpa – M. trichantha – M. trichopetala – M. triphylla – M. tsaratananensis – M. vatiana – M. versteeghii – M. vieillardii – M. villosa – M. vinkii – M. viticina – M. vitiflora – M. volcanica – M. waialealae – M. wailauensis – M. wawraeana – M. woitapensis – M. xanthoxyloides – M. zahlbruckneri – M. zambalensis

Melicope J.R.Forst. & G.Forst., Char. Gen. Pl., ed. 2. 55. (1776)

Type species: Melicope ternata J.R.Forst. & G.Forst., Char. Gen. Pl., ed. 2. 56, t. 28. (1776)


Astorganthus Endl.
Boninia Planch. non Boninia Bock, 1923
Entoganum Banks ex Gaertn.
Evodiella B.L.Linden
Lepta Lour. non Lepta Bordoni, 2002: 519
Pelea A.Gray non Pelea J. E. Gray, 1851
Platydesma H.Mann
Tractocopevodia Raizada & K.Naray.

Note: This genus could be expanded to include; Comptonella, Dutaillyea, Dutailliopsis, Picrella, Sarcomelicope and possibly Acronychia (Appelhans et al., 2014 & 2017). However, not all of the necessary combinations have been created and until this occurs WS will maintain separate taxa pages.

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Melicope is a genus of about 240 species of shrubs and trees in the family Rutaceae, occurring from the Hawaiian Islands across the Pacific Ocean to tropical Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Plants in the genus Melicope have simple or trifoliate leaves arranged in opposite pairs, flowers arranged in panicles, with four sepals, four petals and four or eight stamens and fruit composed of up to four follicles.


Plants in the genus Melicope have simple or trifoliate leaves arranged in opposite pairs, or sometimes whorled. The flowers are arranged in panicles and are bisexual or sometimes with functionally male- or female-only flowers. The flowers have four sepals, four petals and four or eight stamens. There are four, sometimes five, carpels fused at the base with fused styles, the stigma similar to the tip of the style. The fruit is composed of up to four follicles fused at the base, each with one or two seeds.[2][3][4]

The genus Melicope was first formally described in 1775 by Johann Reinhold Forster and his son Georg Forster in their book Characteres Generum Plantarum and the first species they described (the type species) was Melicope ternata.[5]

The generic name Melicope is derived from Greek words μελι (meli), meaning "honey," and κοπη (kope), meaning "a division," referring to the glands at the base of the ovary.[6] The 2009 Takhtajan system placed the genus in the subfamily Rutoideae, tribe Zanthoxyleae.[7] A 2021 subfamily classification of the Rutaceae, based both on a new and previous molecular phylogenetic studies, places Melicope (with an expanded circumscription) in the subfamily Zanthoxyloideae, stating that the evidence does not yet support classification to tribal level.[8]

Evidence from 2007 onwards showed that with its traditional circumscription, Melicope was not monophyletic. The previously separated genus Platydesma of four species is nested within the genus Melicope and is sister to all Hawaiian Melicope species. And while Melicope species are usually dioecious (individual plants only bear either male or female flowers), the flowers of the former Platydesma are hermaphroditic, suggesting a rare evolutionary reversion away from dioecy in Platydesma.[9] Molecular phylogenetic analyses also suggest that the genera Comptonella, Dutaillyea, Picrella, and possibly Dutailliopsis, all from New Caledonia, might also be nested in Melicope,[10] although they are accepted in the 2021 classification, as is the temperate Asian genus Tetradium,[8] which has sometimes been merged into Melicope (possibly including the tropical Euodia).[11][9]

Melicopes are foodplants for various animals, mainly invertebrates. Caterpillars of the Ulysses butterfly (Papilio ulysses) are fond of M. elleryana. Caterpillars of Thyrocopa moths have been found on M. clusiifolia. The larvae of some belid weevils from the genus Proterhinus also feed on Melicope although they prefer unhealthy, dying or dead specimens. The plants of some species may not be safe for humans. The nectar of wharangi (M. ternata) is known to yield toxic honey that may kill whoever eats it.[12]

Several of the Hawaiian species are listed as "endangered" by the Government of the United States of America, due to habitat loss and competition from invasive non-native plants. A few species are already extinct.
Species list

The following is a list of species accepted by the Plants of the World Online as at July 2020:[13]

Melicope aberrans T.G.Hartley – New Guinea (N.G.)
Melicope accedens (Blume) T.G.Hartley – tropical Asia
Melicope acuminata (Merr.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope adscendens (H.St.John & Hume) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone - Hawaii
Melicope aequata T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope affinis T.G.Hartley – Queensland (Qld.)
Melicope alba Lauterb. – N.G.
Melicope albiflora (Rech.) T.G.Hartley – Samoa
Melicope alpestris T.G.Hartley – Philippines
Melicope aneura (Lauterb.) T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope anisata (H.Mann) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone mokihana – Hawaii (?)
Melicope anomala (Lauterb.) T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope bakeri T.G.Hartley – Madagascar
Melicope balankazo (H.Perrier) T.G.Hartley
Melicope balansae Guillaumin – New Caledonia (N.C.)
Melicope balgooyi Appelhans, W.L.Wagner & K.R.Wood – Tubuai
Melicope balloui (Rock) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone rock pelea – Hawaii
Melicope barbigera A.Gray – Hawaii
Melicope belahe (Baill.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope benguetensis (Elmer) T.G.Hartley
Melicope blancoi T.G.Hartley – Philippines
Melicope bonwickii (F.Muell.) T.G.Hartley – Java, Borneo, the Philippines, N.G., Qld.
Melicope borbonica (Bory) T.G.Hartley bois de catafaille blanc – Réunion
Melicope boweriana (Christoph.) T.G.Hartley – Samoa
Melicope bracteata (Nadeaud) S.L.Welsh – Cook Islands, Tubuai, Society Islands
Melicope brassii T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope broadbentiana F.M.Bailey – Qld.
Melicope buennemeijeri T.G.Hartley – Sumatra
Melicope burmahia (Raizada & K.Naray.) T.G.Hartley – Myanmar
Melicope burttiana B.C.Stone – Solomon Islands, Santa Cruz Island
Melicope buwaldae T.G.Hartley – Sumatra
Melicope calycina T.G.Hartley – Lesser Sunda Islands
Melicope capillacea (Gillespie) A.C.Sm. – Fiji
Melicope carrii T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope celebica T.G.Hartley – Sulawesi
Melicope chapelieri (Baill.) T.G.Hartley – Mauritius
Melicope christophersenii (H.St.John) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope chunii (Merr.) T.G.Hartley – Hainan
Melicope cinerea A.Gray – Hawaii
Melicope clemensiae T.G.Hartley – Borneo
Melicope clusiifolia (A.Gray) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope confusa (Merr.) Tang S.Liu – tropical Asia
Melicope conjuga T.G.Hartley – N.G. to Bismarck Archipelago
Melicope contermina C.Moore & F.Muell. – Lord Howe Island
Melicope coodeana T.G.Hartley – Réunion
Melicope corneri T.G.Hartley – Peninsula Malaysia
Melicope cornuta (Hillebr.) Appelhans, K.R.Wood & W.L.Wagner – Hawaii
Melicope crassifolia (Merr.) T.G.Hartley – Vietnam
Melicope crassiramis (K.Schum.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope cravenii T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope crispula (Merr. & L.M.Perry) T.G.Hartley
Melicope cruciata (A.Heller) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone cross-bearing pelea (extinct) – Hawaii
Melicope cucullata (Gillespie) A.C.Sm. – Fiji
Melicope degeneri (B.C.Stone) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope denhamii (Seem.) T.G.Hartley – N.G., Vanuatu, Santa Cruz Island
Melicope dicksoniana T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope discolor (Baker) T.G.Hartley
Melicope doormani-montis (Lauterb.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope dubia (Merr.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope durifolia (K.Schum.) T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope elleryana (F.Muell.) T.G.Hartley – N.G., Solomon Islands, Santa Cruz Island, Qld.
Melicope elliptica A.Gray – Hawaii
Melicope eriophylla (Merr. & L.M.Perry) T.G.Hartley
Melicope erromangensis T.G.Hartley – Vanuatu
Melicope euneura (Miq.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope evanensis (A.C.Sm.) A.C.Sm. – Fiji
Melicope exuta T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope fatraina (H.Perrier) T.G.Hartley
Melicope fatuhivensis (F.Br.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Marquesas Islands
Melicope feddei (H.Lév.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope fellii T.G.Hartley – Qld.
Melicope flaviflora A.C.Sm. – Fiji
Melicope floribunda (Baker) T.G.Hartley
Melicope forbesii (Baker f.) T.G.Hartley – Santa Cruz Island
Melicope frutescens (Blanco) Appelhans & J.Wen
Melicope fulva (Guillaumin) B.C.Stone – N.C.
Melicope glabella T.G.Hartley – Philippines
Melicope glaberrima Guillaumin – N.C.
Melicope glabra (Blume) T.G.Hartley – Malaysia, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Melicope glomerata (Craib) T.G.Hartley – Mainland Southeast Asia
Melicope goilalensis T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope grisea (Planch.) T.G.Hartley – Bonin Islands to Volcano Islands
Melicope haleakalae (B.C.Stone) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone Maui ruta tree (extinct) – Hawaii
Melicope haupuensis (H.St.John) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope hawaiensis (Wawra) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope hayesii T.G.Hartley – Qld., New South Wales (N.S.W.)
Melicope hiepkoi T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope hiiakae (B.C.Stone) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope hivaoaensis J.Florence – Marquesas
Melicope homeophylla A.C.Sm. – Fiji
Melicope hookeri T.G.Hartley
Melicope hosakae (H.St.John) W.L.Wagner & R.K.Shannon – Hawaii
Melicope idiocarpa T.G.Hartley – Sulawesi
Melicope improvisa T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope incana T.G.Hartley – Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi
Melicope indica Wight
Melicope inopinata J.Florence – Marquesas
Melicope irifica (Coode) T.G.Hartley – Réunion
Melicope jonesii T.G.Hartley – Qld.
Melicope jugosa T.G.Hartley – Borneo
Melicope kaalaensis (H.St.John) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope kainantuensis T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope kavaiensis (H.Mann) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope kjellbergii T.G.Hartley – Sulawesi
Melicope knudsenii (Hillebr.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone Knudsen's melicope – Hawaii
Melicope kostermansii T.G.Hartley – Maluku Islands to N.G.
Melicope laevis T.G.Hartley – Vanuatu
Melicope lamii Lauterb. – N.G.
Melicope lasioneura (Baill.) Baill. ex Guillaumin
Melicope latifolia (DC.) T.G.Hartley – Malaysia, Lesser Sunda Island, Myanmar, Samoa, Santa Cruz Island
Melicope lauterbachii T.G.Hartley
Melicope laxa (Elmer)T.G.Hartley
Melicope leptococca Guillaumin – N.C.
Melicope littoralis (Endl.) T.G.Hartley ex P.S.Green – Norfolk Island
Melicope lobocarpa (F.Muell.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope longior T.G.Hartley – Bismarck Archipelago
Melicope lucida (A.Gray) A.C.Sm. – Pacific Islands
Melicope lunu-ankenda (Gaertn.) T.G.Hartley – Tibet, tropical Asia
Melicope lydgatei (Hillebr.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone - Hawaii
Melicope macgregorii T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope macrocarpa (King) T.G.Hartley – Malaysia
Melicope macrophylla Merr. & L.M.Perry – N.G.
Melicope macropus (Hillebr.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope madagascariensis (Baker) T.G.Hartley – Madagascar
Melicope magnifolia (Baill.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope makahae (B.C.Stone) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope maliliensis T.G.Hartley – Sulawesi
Melicope margaretae (F.Br.) T.G.Hartley – Tuamotus
Melicope maxii T.G.Hartley – Sulawesi
Melicope megastigma T.G.Hartley – Maluku Islands
Melicope micrococca (F.Muell.) T.G.Hartley white euodia – Qld., N.S.W.
Melicope mindorensis T.G.Hartley – Philippines
Melicope molokaiensis (Hillebr.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope moluccana T.G.Hartley – Maluku Islands
Melicope montana Baker f. – N.C.
Melicope monticola T.G.Hartley
Melicope mucronata Merr. & L.M.Perry – N.G.
Melicope mucronulata (H.St.John) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope munroi (H.St.John) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope nealae (B.C.Stone) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope neglecta T.G.Hartley – Java to Lesser Sunda Islands
Melicope nishimurae (Koidz.) T.Yamaz. – Bonin Islands
Melicope novoguineensis Valeton – N.G.
Melicope nubicola T.G.Hartley – Solomon Islands
Melicope nukuhivensis (F.Br.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Marquesas
Melicope oahuensis (H.Lév.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope oblanceolata T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope obovata (H.St.John) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone obovate melicope (extinct) – Hawaii
Melicope obscura (Cordem.) T.G.Hartley – Réunion
Melicope obtusifolia (DC.) T.G.Hartley gros catafaille – Mauritius
Melicope oppenheimeri K.R.Wood, Appelhans & W.L.Wagner
Melicope orbicularis (Hillebr.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone orbicular pelea – Hawaii
Melicope ovalis (H.St.John) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone wild pelea – Hawaii
Melicope ovata (H.St.John & E.P.Hume) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope pachyphylla (King) T.G.Hartley – Malaysia
Melicope pachypoda (Lauterb.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope pahangensis T.G.Hartley – Laos
Melicope palawensis (Lauterb.) T.G.Hartley – Philippines
Melicope pallida (Hillebr.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope paniculata (H.St.John) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone Lihue ruta tree – Hawaii
Melicope papuana (Lauterb.) Lauterb. – N.G.
Melicope patulinervia (Merr. & Chun) C.C.Huang – Hainan
Melicope pauciflora T.G.Hartley – Sulawesi
Melicope pedicellata T.G.Hartley – N.C.
Melicope peduncularis (H.Lév.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope pendula T.G.Hartley – Solomon Islands
Melicope peninsularis T.G.Hartley – Qld.
Melicope pergamentacea (Elmer) T.G.Hartley
Melicope perlmanii J.Florence – Marquesas
Melicope perryae T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope petiolaris T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope phanerophlebia (Merr. & L.M.Perry) T.G.Hartley
Melicope polydenia Merr. & L.M.Perry – N.G.
Melicope polybotrya (C.Moore & F.Muell.) T.G.Hartley ex P.S.Green Lord Howe Island
Melicope ponapensis Lauterb. – Caroline Islands
Melicope pseudoanisata (Rock) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope pteleifolia (Champ. ex Benth.) T.G.Hartley – southern China to Indochina, Taiwan
Melicope puberula (H.St.John) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope pubifolia Merr. & L.M.Perry – N.G.
Melicope pulgarensis (Elmer) T.G.Hartley
Melicope quadrangularis (H.St.John & E.P.Hume) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone four-angled pelea – Hawaii
Melicope quadrilocularis (Hook. & Arn.) T.G.Hartley – Bonin Islands
Melicope radiata (H.St.John) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope ramuliflora T.G.Hartley – Sumatra
Melicope reflexa (H.St.John) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope remyi (Sherff) Appelhans, K.R.Wood & W.L.Wagner – Hawaii
Melicope reticulata Lauterb. – N.G.
Melicope retusa (A.Gray) T.G.Hartley – southwest Pacific
Melicope revoluta J.Florence – Marquesas
Melicope rhytidocarpa (Merr. & L.M.Perry) T.G.Hartley
Melicope richii {A.Gray) T.G.Hartley – Samoa
Melicope ridsdalei T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope rigoensis T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope robbinsii T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope robusta A.C.Sm. – Fiji
Melicope rostrata (Hillebr.) Appelhans, K.R.Wood & W.L.Wagner – Hawaii
Melicope rotundifolia (A.Gray) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope rubra (K.Schum. & Lauterb.) T.G.Hartley – N.G., Qld.
Melicope saint-johnii (E.P.Hume) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone St John's pelea – Hawaii
Melicope sambiranensis (H.Perrier) T.G.Hartley
Melicope sandwicensis (Hook. & Arn.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope savaiensis T.G.Hartley – Samoa
Melicope schraderi (Lauterb.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope seemannii (Gillespie) A.C.Sm. – Fiji, Tonga
Melicope segregis (Cordem.) T.G.Hartley – Réunion
Melicope semecarpifolia (Merr.) T.G.Hartley – Taiwan to Philippines
Melicope sessilifolia (Merr.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope sessilis (H.Lév.) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope simplex A.Cunn. poataniwha – New Zealand
Melicope sororia T.G.Hartley – Borneo
Melicope spathulata A.Gray – Hawaii
Melicope steenisii T.G.Hartley – Sumatra
Melicope stellulata T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope sterrophylla Merr. & L.M.Perry – N.G.
Melicope stonei K.R.Wood, Appelhans & W.L.Wagner – Hawaii
Melicope suberosa B.C.Stone – Peninsula Malaysia
Melicope subunifoliolata (Stapf) T.G.Hartley
Melicope sudestica T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope sulcata T.G.Hartley – Samoa
Melicope tahitensis Nadeaud – Society Island, N.C.
Melicope taveuniensis A.C.Sm. – Fiji
Melicope tekaoensis T.G.Hartley – Marquesas
Melicope ternata J.R.Forst. & G.Forst. wharangi – New Zealand
Melicope timorensis T.G.Hartley – Lesser Sunda Islands
Melicope trachycarpa Lauterb. – N.G.
Melicope trichantha (Lauterb.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope trichopetala (Lauterb.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope triphylla (Lam.) Merr. – Indo-China to Ryukyu Islands and SW. Pacific
Melicope tsaratananensis (Capuron) T.G.Hartley
Melicope vatiana (Setch.) T.G.Hartley – Samoa
Melicope versteeghii T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope vieillardii (Baill.) Guillaumin – N.C.
Melicope villosa (Merr.) T.G.Hartley
Melicope vinkii T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope viticina (Wall. ex Kurz) T.G.Hartley – Yunan to Indo-China
Melicope vitiflora (F.Muell.) T.G.Hartley – N.G., Qld., N.S.W.
Melicope volcanica (A.Gray) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope waialealae (Wawra) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope wailauensis (H.St.John) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope wawraeana (Rock) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone – Hawaii
Melicope woitapensis T.G.Hartley – N.G.
Melicope xanthoxyloides (F.Muell.) T.G.Hartley – Qld., N.G.
Melicope zahlbruckneri (Rock) T.G.Hartley & B.C.Stone Zahlbruckner's melicope
Melicope zambalensis (Elmer) T.G.Hartley


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