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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Ordo: Ericales

Familia: Ericaceae
Subfamilia: Vaccinioideae
Tribus: Vaccinieae
Genus: Orthaea
Species: O. boliviensis

Orthaea Klotzsch

Orthaea is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the family Ericaceae.[1]

Its native range is Southwestern Mexico to Northern and Western South America, Trinidad.[1]


Orthaea abbreviata Drake
Orthaea apophysata (Griseb.) A.C.Sm.
Orthaea boliviensis B.Fedtsch. & Basil.
Orthaea brachysiphon (Sleumer) Luteyn
Orthaea breviflora A.C.Sm.
Orthaea bullata N.R.Salinas & Pedraza
Orthaea carnosiflora N.R.Salinas & Pedraza
Orthaea caudata (A.C.Sm.) Luteyn
Orthaea cavendishioides A.C.Sm.
Orthaea constans A.C.Sm.
Orthaea cordata Oliv.
Orthaea coriacea Luteyn
Orthaea crinita A.C.Sm.
Orthaea ecuadorensis Luteyn
Orthaea ferreyrae A.C.Sm.
Orthaea fimbriata Luteyn
Orthaea glandulifera Luteyn
Orthaea hispida A.C.Sm.
Orthaea ignea Sleumer
Orthaea madidiensis Pedraza & Luteyn
Orthaea medusula Pedraza
Orthaea merumensis Maguire, Steyerm. & Luteyn
Orthaea minor (A.C.Sm.) Luteyn
Orthaea oedipus Luteyn
Orthaea oriens Luteyn
Orthaea panamensis (Luteyn & Wilbur) Luteyn
Orthaea paniculata Luteyn
Orthaea paruensis Maguire, Steyerm. & Luteyn
Orthaea peregrina A.C.Sm.
Orthaea pinnatinervia Mansf.
Orthaea rusbyi Luteyn
Orthaea secundiflora Klotzsch
Orthaea stipitata (Luteyn) Luteyn
Orthaea thibaudioides Maguire, Steyerm. & Luteyn
Orthaea venamensis Maguire, Steyerm. & Luteyn
Orthaea weberbaueri Hoerold
Orthaea wurdackii Maguire, Steyerm. & Luteyn


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