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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Magnoliids
Ordo: Magnoliales

Familia: Annonaceae
Subfamilia: Malmeoideae
Tribus: Miliuseae
Genus: Phaeanthus
Species: P. heteropetalus – P. impressinervius – P. ophthalmicus – P. splendens – P. sumatrana – P. tephrocarpus – P. vietnamensis – P. villosus

Phaeanthus Hook. f. & Thomson Fl. Ind. 146. (1855)

Type: Phaeanthus nutans Hook. f. & Thomson Fl. Ind. 146. (1855) vide Phaeanthus intermedius (P.Parm.) I.M.Turner & Veldkamp Kew Bull. 66(4): 577. (2012)?


Hooker, J.D. & Thomson, T. 1855. Flora Indica: Being a Systematic Account of the Plants of British India 146.
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Phaeanthus is a genus of plant in family Annonaceae.

Plants of the World Online lists the following species:[1]

Phaeanthus impressinervius Merr.
Phaeanthus intermedius (P.Parm.) I.M.Turner & Veldkamp
Phaeanthus ophthalmicus (Roxb. ex G.Don) J.Sinclair (synonyms: P. schefferi Boerl. 1899, P. cumingii Miq. 1858, P. ebracteolatus (C. Presl) Merr. 1908, P. macropodus (Miq.) Diels 1912, P. nigrescens Elmer 1913)
Phaeanthus splendens Miq. (synonym Phaeanthus crassipetalus Becc.)
Phaeanthus sumatrana Miq.
Phaeanthus tephrocarpus Merr.
Phaeanthus vietnamensis Bân
Phaeanthus villosus Merr.

Species now placed in other genera

Phaeanthus acuminata Merr. 1905 (not found)
Phaeanthus malabaricus, Beddome is a synonym of Polyalthia malabarica (Bedd.) I.M.Turner
Phaeanthus saccopetaloides W.T. Wang 1957 is a synonym of Wangia saccopetaloides (W.T.Wang) X.Guo & R.M.K.Saunders


Plants of the World Online (POWO): Phaeanthus Hook.f. & Thomson (retrieved 5 April 2020)

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