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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Rosids
Cladus: Eurosids I
Ordo: Fabales

Familia: Fabaceae
Subfamilia: Caesalpinioideae
Tribus: Mimoseae
Genus: Piptadenia
Species: P. adiantoides – P. affinis – P. amazonica – P. anolidurus – P. boliviana – P. buchtienii – P. communis – P. cuzcoensis – P. flava – P. floribunda – P. fruticosa – P. gonoacantha – P. imatacae – P. irwinii – P. killipii – P. laxipinna – P. loefgreniana – P. macradenia – P. micracantha – P. minutiflora – P. paniculata – P. peruviana – P. polyptera – P. pteroclada – P. ramosissima – P. robusta – P. santosii – P. stipulacea – P. trisperma – P. uaupensis – P. uliginosa – P. voronoffii – P. weberbaueri

Piptadenia Benth., J. Bot. (Hooker) 2: 135. (1840)

Type species: Piptadenia latifolia Benth., J. Bot. (Hooker) 4: 335. (1841)


Stachychrysum Bojer


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Piptadenia is a genus of tropical shrubs and trees of the family Fabaceae.

Piptadenia adiantoides (Sprengel) Macbr.
Piptadenia affinis Burkart
Piptadenia anolidurus Barneby
Piptadenia buchananii
Piptadenia cuzcoensis Barneby
Piptadenia flava (DC.) Benth.
Piptadenia floribunda Kleinhoonte
Piptadenia foliolosa Benth.
Piptadenia gonoacantha (Martius) Macbr.
var. gonoacantha (Martius) Macbr.
var. inermis Burkart
Piptadenia imatacae Barneby
Piptadenia irwinii G.P.Lewis
var. irwinii G.P.Lewis
var. unijuga G.P.Lewis

Piptadenia gonoacantha young trunk

Piptadenia killipii Macbr.
var. cacaophila G.P.Lewis
var. killipii Macbr.
Piptadenia latifolia Benth.
Piptadenia laxipinna B.M.Barroso
Piptadenia leucoxylon Barneby & Grimes
Piptadenia micracantha Benth.
Piptadenia minutiflora Ducke
Piptadenia obliqua (Pers.) Macbr.
subsp. brasiliensis G.P.Lewis
subsp. obliqua (Pers.) Macbr.
Piptadenia paniculata Benth.
var. aculeata Burkart
var. paniculata Benth.
Piptadenia peruviana (Macbr.) Barneby
Piptadenia pteroclada Benth.
Piptadenia ramosissima Benth.
Piptadenia robusta Pittier
Piptadenia santosii G.P.Lewis
Piptadenia stipulacea (Benth.) Ducke
Piptadenia trisperma (Vell.Conc.) Benth.
Piptadenia uaupensis Benth.
Piptadenia uliginosa Britton & Killip
Piptadenia viridiflora (Kunth) Benth.
Piptadenia weberbaueri Harms[2]

Several species formerly placed in this genus (such as those used to prepare the psychotomimetic snuffs vilca and yopo/parica) are now considered to be in the genus Anadenanthera. Three species have also been placed in genus Adenopodia.[3] Others have been moved to the genus Pityrocarpa.[4]

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