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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Campanulids
Ordo: Asterales

Familia: Asteraceae
Subfamilia: Asteroideae
Tribus: Gnaphalieae
Genus: Podolepis
Species: P. arachnoidea – P. auriculata – P. canescens – P. capillaris – P. davisiana – P. gardneri – P. gracilis – P. hieracioides – P. jaceoides – P. kendallii – P. lessonii – P. longipedata – P. microcephala – P. monticola – P. muelleri – P. neglecta – P. nutans – P. omissa – P. robusta – P. rugata – P. tepperi

Source(s) of checklist:

Podolepis Labill., Nov. Holl. Pl. 2: 56. 1806

Type species: Podolepis rugata Labill.


Rutidochlamys Sond.
Scalia Sieber ex Sims
Stylolepis Lehm.
Scaliopsis Walp.
Siemssenia Steetz
Panaetia Cass.


Labill., Novae Hollandiae Plantarum Specimen 2: 56. 1806.


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Podolepis is a genus of the pussy's-toes tribe within the daisy family. It is endemic to Australia and can be found in every state.[2][3][4]

There are about 20 species.[5]

Podolepis arachnoidea (Hook.) Druce - cottony podolepis, clustered copper-wire daisy
Podolepis aristata Benth.[6]
Podolepis auriculata DC.
Podolepis canescens A.Cunn. ex DC. - grey podolepis, large copper-wire daisy
Podolepis capillaris (Steetz) Diels - invisible plant
Podolepis davisiana D.A.Cooke
Podolepis ferruginea DC.
Podolepis gardneri G.L.R.Davis
Podolepis gracilis (Lehm.) Graham
Podolepis hieracioides F.Muell. - long podolepis
Podolepis jaceoides (Sims) Voss - showy copper-wire daisy, basalt podolepis
Podolepis kendallii (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
Podolepis lessonii (Cass.) Benth.
Podolepis longipedata A.Cunn. ex DC. - tall copper-wire daisy
Podolepis microcephala Benth.
Podolepis monticola R.J.F.Hend.
Podolepis muelleri (Sond.) G.L.R.Davis - small copper-wire daisy
Podolepis neglecta G.L.R.Davis
Podolepis nutans Steetz
Podolepis robusta (Maiden & Betche) J.H.Willis - mountain lettuce
Podolepis rugata Labill.
Podolepis rugata var. littoralis G.L.R.Davis
Podolepis rugata var. rugata Labill.
Podolepis tepperi (F.Muell.) D.A.Cooke
Podolepis sp. aff. robusta - high-plain podolepis


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