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Saxifraga stolonifera

Saxifraga stolonifera (*)

Cladus: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Divisio: Magnoliophyta
Classis: Magnoliopsida
Ordo: Saxifragales
Familia: Saxifragaceae
Genus: Saxifraga
Sectio: Saxifraga sect. Irregulares
Species: Saxifraga stolonifera



* Sekika stolonifera (Curtis) H.Hara


* Diptera cuscutiformis (Lodd.) Heynh.
* Diptera sarmentosa (L.f.) Borkh. 1794, non Losinsk. 1928
* Ligularia sarmentosa (L.f.) Duval
* Megasea ligulata (Murray) hort. ex F.T. Hubb., nom. illeg. pro syn.
* Robertsonia sarmentosa (L.f.) Link
* Rupifraga cuscutiformis (Lodd.) Raf.
* Rupifraga sarmentosa (L.f.) Raf.
* Saxifraga chaffanjonii H.Lév.
* Saxifraga chinensis Lour.
* Saxifraga cuscutiformis Lodd.
* Saxifraga dumetorum Balf.f.
* Saxifraga fortunei var. tricolor Lem.
* Saxifraga iochanensis H.Lév.
* Saxifraga ligulata Murray
* Saxifraga martini H.Lév & Vaniot, p.p.
* Saxifraga sarmentosa L.f.
* Saxifraga sarmentosa var. cuscutiformis (Lodd.) Ser.
* Saxifraga sarmentosa var. immaculata Diels
* Saxifraga sarmentosa var. tricolor (Lem.) Maxim.
* Saxifraga stolonifera f. cuscutiformis (Lodd.) M.C. Tebbitt
* Saxifraga stolonifera var. immaculata (Diels) Hand.-Mazz.
* Saxifraga stolonifera Meerb., nom. illeg. hom., non Curtis
* Saxifraga veitchiana Balf.f.
* Sekika cyclaminea Medik., nom. illeg.
* Sekika sarmentosa (L.f.) Moench


Saxifraga stolonifera Curtis


* Philosophical Transactions: Giving Some Account of the Present Undertakings, Studies, and Labours of the Ingenious in Many Parts of the World. London 64:308, t. 2541. 1774
* USDA, ARS, National Genetic Resources Program. Germplasm Resources Information Network - (GRIN) [Data from 07-Oct-06]. 423527

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