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Cladus: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Divisio: Magnoliophyta
Classis: Liliopsida
Subclassis: Commelinidae
Ordo: Poales
Familia: Poaceae
Subfamilia: Chloridoideae
Tribus: Cynodonteae
Genus: Tetrapogon
Species: T. bidentatus - T. cenchriformis - T. cymbiferus - T. dubius - T. ferrugineus - T. flabellatus - T. macranthus - T. monostachyus - T. mossambicensis - T. spathaceus - T. tenellus - T. tetrastachys - T. triangularis - T. villosum - T. villosus


Tetrapogon Desf.



Tetrapogon is a genus of grasses.[1] The name Tetrapogon derives from the Greek roots tetra- and pogon, meaning "four" and "beard", respectively, in reference to the tufts of hairs on the plant.[1] The species in this genus are distributed across Africa, around the Mediterranean Sea, and through the Middle East as far east as India.[1]


* Tetrapogon bidentatus Pilg.
* Tetrapogon cenchriformis (A.Rich.) Pilg.
* Tetrapogon cymbiferus Peter
* Tetrapogon ferrugineus (Renvoize) S.M.Phillips
* Tetrapogon flabellatus Hack.
* Tetrapogon macranthus Benth.
* Tetrapogon monostachyus Peter
* Tetrapogon mossambicensis (K.Schum.) Chippind.
* Tetrapogon spathaceus Hack. ex T.Durand & Schinz
* Tetrapogon tenellus Chiov.
* Tetrapogon tetrastachys Hack. ex Hook.f.
* Tetrapogon triangularis Hochst. ex Hook.f.
* Tetrapogon villosus Desf.

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