Pinus halepensis

Pinus halepensis (*)

Cladus: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Division: Pinophyta
Classis: Pinopsida
Ordo: Pinales
Familia: Pinaceae
Genus: Pinus
Subgenus: P. subg. Pinus
Sectio: P. sect. Pinea
Subsectiones: P. subsect. Pinaster
Species: P. halepensis


Pinus halepensis Mill.

Vernacular names
Ελληνικά: Χαλέπιος Πεύκη
English: Aleppo Pine
Español: Pino carrasco
Français: Pin d'Alep
Italiano: Pino d'Aleppo
Suomi: Aleponmänty


* Gard. dict. ed. 8: Pinus no. 8. 1768
* Richardson, D. M. (ed.). (1998). Ecology and Biogeography of Pinus. Cambridge University Press.

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