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Abū’l-‘Abbās al-Faḍl ibn Ḥātim al-Nairīzī (Arabic: أبو العباس الفضل بن حاتم النيريزي‎, Latin: Anaritius, Nazirius, 865–922) was a 9th-10th century Persian mathematician and astronomer from Nayriz, Fars, Iran.

He flourished under al-Mu'tadid, Caliph from 892 to 902, and compiled astronomical tables, writing a book for al-Mu'tadid on atmospheric phenomena.

Nayrizi wrote commentaries on Ptolemy and Euclid. The latter were translated by Gerard of Cremona. Nairizi used the so-called umbra (versa), the equivalent to the tangent, as a genuine trigonometric line (but he was anticipated in this by al-Marwazi).

He wrote a treatise on the spherical astrolabe, which is very elaborate and seems to be the best Persian work on the subject. It is divided into four books:

Historical and critical introduction.
Description of the spherical astrolabe; its superiority over plane astrolabes and all other astronomical instruments.

He gave a proof of the Pythagorean theorem using the Pythagorean tiling.[1]

Ibn al-Nadim mentions Nayrizi as a distinguished astronomer with Eight works by him listed in his book al-Fihrist.


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The (fragmentary) text of Nairizi's commentary on Euclid I. PDF scans from the edition of Codex Leidensis 399 (Classical Arabic)

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