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Ernesto Cesàro (March 12, 1859 – September 12, 1906) was an Italian mathematician who worked in the field of differential geometry. This is his most important contribution which he described in Lezione di geometria intrinseca (Naples, 1890). This work contains descriptions of curves which today are named after Cesàro[1].

Ernesto Cesàro

Cesàro was born in Naples. He is known also for his 'averaging' method for the summation of divergent series, known as the Cesàro mean.


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Books by E. Cesaro

Lezioni di geometria intrinseca (Naples, 1896)
Elementi di calcolo infinitesimale con numerosi applicazioni geometriche (L. Alvano,Naples, 1905)
Corso di analisi algebrica con introduzione al calcolo infinitesimale (Bocca, Torino, 1894)

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