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Karl Wilhelm von Feuerbach (30 May 1800 – 12 March 1834) was a German geometer and the son of legal scholar Paul Johann Anselm Ritter von Feuerbach. After receiving his doctorate at age 22, he became a professor of mathematics at the Gymnasium at Erlangen. In 1822 he wrote a small book on mathematics noted mainly for a theorem on the nine-point circle, which is now known as Feuerbach's theorem. Shortly before his death he introduced homogeneous coordinates, independently of Möbius.


* Eigenschaften einiger merkwürdigen Punkte des geradlinigen Dreiecks und mehrerer durch sie bestimmten Linien und Figuren: Eine analytisch-trigonometrische Abhandlung ("Properties of some special points in the plane of a triangle, and various lines and figures determined by these points: an analytic-trigonometric treatment")
* Grundriss zu analytischen Untersuchungen der dreyeckigen Pyramide ("Foundations of the analytic theory of the triangular pyramid")

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