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Semyon Aranovich Gershgorin (August 24, 1901 – May 30, 1933) was a Soviet (born in Pruzhany, Belarus, Russian Empire) mathematician. He began as a student at the Petrograd Technological Institute in 1923, became a Professor in 1930, and was given an appointment at the Leningrad Mechanical Engineering Institute in the same year. His contributions include the Gershgorin circle theorem.

The spelling of S. A. Gershgorin's name (Семён Аранович Гершгорин) has been transliterated in several different ways, including Geršgorin, Gerschgorin, Gerszgorin, Gershgorin and from the Yiddish spelling הירשהאָרן to Hirshhorn and Hirschhorn.
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