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Theodore Samuel Motzkin (26 March 1908–15 December 1970) was an Israeli-American mathematician.[1]


Motzkin's father, Leo Motzkin, was a noted Russian Zionist leader.

Motzkin received his Ph.D. in 1934 from the University of Basel under the supervision of Alexander Ostrowski.[2]

He was appointed at UCLA in 1950 and worked there until retirement.

He had three sons:

Aryeh Leo Motzkin - Orientalist
Gabriel Motzkin - philosopher
Elhanan Motzkin - mathematician

Contributions to mathematics

The Motzkin transposition theorem, Motzkin numbers and the Fourier–Motzkin elimination are named after him. Motzkin first developed the "double description" algorithm of polyhedral combinatorics and computational geometry.[3] He was the first to prove the existence of principal ideal domains that are not Euclidean domains, \Bbb{Z}\left[\frac{1+\sqrt{-19}}{2}\right] being his first example.

The quote "complete disorder is impossible," describing Ramsey theory is attributed to him.[4]
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