American Journal of Mathematics

American Journal of Mathematics is a bimonthly mathematics journal published by the Johns Hopkins University Press, founded in 1878 by James Joseph Sylvester. It is the oldest mathematical journal in the Western Hemisphere in continuous publication. [1] The Journal has earned its reputation by presenting pioneering mathematical papers. It does not specialize, but instead publishes articles of broad appeal covering the major areas of contemporary mathematics.

Editorial board

The editorial board, as of May 2006, consists of:


* Christopher Sogge, Editor-in-Chief, The Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

* Peter Ozsváth, Columbia University

* Freydoon Shahidi, Purdue University

* Karen E. Smith, University of Michigan

* Steve Zelditch, JHU

With the cooperation of:

* Carel Faber, JHU

* Eric Friedlander, Northwestern University

* Haruzo Hida, UCLA

* Sergiu Klainerman, Princeton University

* Yuri I. Manin, Max Planck Institute

* William Minicozzi, JHU

* Bernard Shiffman, JHU

* Vyacheslav Shokurov, JHU

* Terence Tao, UCLA

* Vladimir Voevodsky, Institute for Advanced Study

* Richard Wentworth, JHU

* S. T. Yau, Harvard University

* Maciej Zworski, UC Berkeley

American Journal of Mathematics
Discipline Mathematics
Language English
Edited by Christopher Sogge
Publication details
Publisher Johns Hopkins University Press (United States)
Publication history 1878 - present
Frequency Bimonthly
Open access MUSE
ISSN 0002-9327 (print)
1080-6377 (web)


* Journal homepage


* Journal web site

* Open Access AmJM since 1996


1. ^ The first American mathematics journal was the Mathematical Correspondent founded in 1804. It and and other subsequent journals lasted for only a short period. The Analyst (1874-1883) has the distinction of longevity. JSTOR states this journal was "continued" by the Annals of Mathematics.

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