Eureka (magazine)

Eureka is a publication of The Archimedeans, the Cambridge University Mathematical Society. Its focus is on articles of interest to the society, including problems and puzzles, discussions and humour.

The first issue was published in 1939; subsequent publishing frequency has averaged between annual and biannual. Selected articles were published by the university faculty and affiliates, such as Béla Bollobás, John Conway, Paul Dirac, Paul Erdős, Douglas Hofstadter and Ian Stewart.

Of the notable mathematical articles, there is an influential paper by Freeman Dyson where he defined the rank of a partition in an effort to prove combinatorially the partition congruences earlier discovered by Srinivasa Ramanujan. In the article, Dyson made a series of conjectures that were all eventually resolved.



Frequency Bi-annual

First issue 1939

Country United Kingdom

Language English

Website http://www.archim.org.uk/eureka/

ISSN 0071-2248

See also

* Partition Congruences and the Andrews-Garvan-Dyson Crank


* Freeman J. Dyson, Some Guesses in The Theory of Partitions, Eureka (Cambridge), vol. 8 (1944), 10-15.

* "Dyson's rank, crank and adjoint" web page.


* About Eureka at the website of The Archimedeans

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