European Journal of Combinatorics

The European Journal of Combinatorics (usually abbreviated as European J. Combin.), is a peer-reviewed scientific journal for combinatorics. It is an international, bimonthly journal of pure mathematics, specializing in theories arising from combinatorial problems. The journal is primarily open to papers dealing with mathematical structures within combinatorics and/or establishing direct links between combinatorics and other branches of mathematics and the theories of computing. The journal includes full-length research papers, short notes, and research problems on important topics.

The impact factor for the European Journal of Combinatorics in 2005 was 0.710.[1]


1. ^ Journal Citation Reports, 2007

European Journal of Combinatorics

Abbreviated title European J. Combin.

Discipline Combinatorics

Language English

Publication details

Publisher Elsevier (Netherlands)

Publication history 1993 to present


ISSN 0195-6698


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