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Inventiones Mathematicae

Inventiones Mathematicae, often just referred to as Inventiones, is a mathematical journal published monthly by Springer Verlag. It was founded in 1966 and is very respected for the high quality of its papers. It ranks as one of the most prestigious mathematics journals in the world by criteria such as refereeing intensity.

Editorial board

Managing editors

* Jean-Michel Bismut (Université Paris-Sud)

* Gerd Faltings (MPI Bonn)


* Werner Ballman (Universität Bonn)

* Edward Frenkel (University of California, Berkeley)

* David Jerison (MIT)

* Helmut Hofer (Courant Institute)

* Vadim Kaloshin (Penn State)

* Richard Kenyon (University of British Columbia)

* Janos Kollár (Princeton University)

* Gérard Laumon (Université Paris-Sud)

* Ngaiming Mok (University of Hong Kong)

* Shahar Mozes (Hebrew University)

* Werner Müller (Universität Bonn)

* Emmanuel Ullmo (Université Paris-Sud)

See also

* Annals of Mathematics

* Publications Mathématiques de l'IHÉS

* Journal of the American Mathematical Society


* Inventiones Mathematicae at SpringerLink

* Inventiones Mathematicae at Goettingen State and University Library (alternative link): Volumes 1 - 123 (years 1966 - 1996) are freely available for noncommercial educational, research and private purposes.

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