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In mathematics, a Hirzebruch surface is a ruled surface over the projective line. They were studied by Friedrich Hirzebruch (1951).


The Hirzebruch surface Σn is the P1 bundle over P1 associated to the sheaf

\( O(0)+O(-n).\ \)

The notation here means: O(n) is the n-th tensor power of the Serre twist sheaf O(1), the invertible sheaf or line bundle with associated Cartier divisor a single point. The surface Σ0 is isomorphic to P1×P1, and Σ1 is isomorphic to P2 blown up at a point so is not minimal.


Hirzebruch surfaces for n>0 have a special rational curve C on them: The surface is the projective bundle of O(-n) and the curve C is the zero section. This curve has self-intersection number −n, and is the only irreducible curve with negative self intersection number. The only irreducible curves with zero self intersection number are the fibers of the Hirzebruch surface (considered as a fiber bundle over P1). The Picard group is generated by the curve C and one of the fibers, and these generators have intersection matrix

\( \begin{bmatrix}0 & 1 \\ 1 & -n \end{bmatrix} , \)

so the bilinear form is two dimensional unimodular, and is even or odd depending on whether n is even or odd.

The Hirzebruch surface Σn (n > 1) blown up at a point on the special curve C is isomorphic to Σn-1 blown up at a point not on the special curve.

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