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Kravchuk polynomials or Krawtchouk polynomials (and several other transliterations of the Ukrainian Кравчу́к) are discrete orthogonal polynomials associated with the binomial distribution, introduced by Krawtchouk (1929). The first few polynomials are:

\( \mathcal{K}_0(x, n) = 1 \)
\( \mathcal{K}_1(x, n) = -2x + n \)
\( \mathcal{K}_2(x, n) = 2x^2 - 2nx + {n\choose 2} \)
\( \mathcal{K}_3(x, n) = -\frac{4}{3}x^3 + 2nx^2 - (n^2 - n + \frac{2}{3})x + {n \choose 3} \).

The Kravchuk polynomials are a special case of the Meixner polynomials of the first kind.

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