CRYSIS is an acronym for CRYogenic Stockholm Ion Source. CRYSIS is an ion source of EBIS type, and is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

The CRYSIS ion source is an electron beam that is compressed and confined by the magnetic field of the solenoid. CRYSIS uses a superconducting solenoid to produce the magnetic field necessary to achieve high electron beam densities. The cryostat is cooled to -269°C by liquid helium and provides the high-quality vacuum necessary to prevent the highly charged ions from recombining.

CRYSIS can produce highly intense electron beams with high current densities. By colliding with the atoms, the electron beam ionises the injected gas. When the desired charge state is reached, the ion beam goes through the beam line system to the storage ring or to another experiment.

This type of ion source is designed for the production of ions with very high charge states.
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