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George E. Pake Prize

The George E. Pake Prize is a prize that has been awarded annually by the American Physical Society since 1984. The recipients are chosen for "outstanding work by physicists combining original research accomplishments with leadership in the management of research or development in industry". The prize is named after George E. Pake (1924–2004), founding director of Xerox PARC, and as of 2007 it is valued at $5,000.


2009: David J. Bishop
2008: Julia M. Phillips
2007: Mark Kryder
2006: Charles B. Duke
2005: Cherry Murray
2004: Robert M. White
2003: C. Paul Robinson
2002: Paul M. Horn
2001: Lewis S. Edelheit
2000: Chauncey Starr
1999: Hendrik Brugt Gerhard Casimir
1998: John Paul McTague
1997: Don R. Scifres
1996: Charles Vernon Shank
1995: James C. McGroddy
1994: William F. Brinkman
1993: Roland W. Schmitt
1992: Alan Chynoweth
1991: Albert Narath
1990: Arno A. Penzias
1989: John A. Armstrong
1988: C. Kumar N. Patel
1987: Praveen Chaudhari
1986: John K. Galt
1985: J. Ross MacDonald
1984: Arthur G. Anderson

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