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Guthrie Medal and Prize

The Guthrie Medal and Prize is a prize awarded annually by the Institute of Physics since 1914 in memory of Frederick Guthrie, founder of the Physical Society. {The Physical Society merged with the Institute of Physics in 1960}.

Until 1966 it took the form of the Guthrie Lecture after when it was replaced by the Guthrie Medal and Prize. In 2008 the award was renamed the Faraday Medal and Prize, which is awarded annually for outstanding contributions to experimental physics to a physicist of international reputation in any sector. The medal is silver gilt and accompanied by a prize of £1000 and a certificate.

Guthrie Medalists and Lecturers

Faraday Medallists

2009 Donal Bradley, for his pioneering work in the field of ‘plastic electronics’
2008 Roger Cowley, for pioneering work in the development and application of neutron and X-ray scattering techniques to the physics of a wide range of important solid and liquid-state systems.


2007 Gilbert Lonzarich, for his experimental and theoretical contributions to condensed matter physics.
2006 Marshall Stoneham, for his wide-ranging theoretical work on defects in solids.
2005 William Frank Vinen, for his outstanding contributions to superfluids and superconductors.
2004 Henry Hall
2003 Michael Springford
2002 Penelope Jane Brown
2001 Laurence Eaves
2000 Lawrence Michael Brown
1999 George Bacon
1998 Derek Charles Robinson
1997 John Evan Baldwin
1996 Edward Roy Pike
1995 John Edwin Enderby
1994 Philip George Burke
1993 Tom Kibble
1992 Archibald Howie
1991 Dennis William Sciama
1990 Roger James Elliott
1989 Martin J. Rees
1988 Alan B. Lidiard
1987 Samuel Frederick Edwards
1986 Denys Haigh Wilkinson
1985 Michael Pepper
1984 Michael John Seaton
1983 Jeffrey Goldstone
1982 Frederick Charles Frank
1981 John Clive Ward
1980 Michael Ellis Fisher
1979 Donald Hill Perkins
1978 Philip Warren Anderson
1977 Alan Howard Cottrell
1976 Abdus Salam
1975 David Tabor
1974 Rudolf Ludwig Mössbauer
1973 Hermann Bondi
1972 Brian Josephson
1972 Brian David Josephson
1971 John Ashworth Ratcliffe
1970 Alfred Brian Pippard
1969 Cecil Frank Powell
1968 Rudolf Ernst Peierls
1967 James Chadwick
1966 William Cochran


1965 John Bertram Adams
1964 Martin Ryle
1963 Leslie Fleetwood Bates
1962 Alfred Charles Bernard Lovell
1961 David Shoenberg
1960 Fred Hoyle
1959 Harrie Stewart Wilson Massey
1958 Willis Eugene Lamb
1957 Harold C Urey
1956 Francis Simon
1955 Edmund Clifton Stoner
1954 Geoffrey Taylor
1953 Max Born
1952 W Lawrence Bragg
1951 Nevill Francis Mott
1950 George Ingle Finch
1949 Alexander Oliver Rankine
1948 George Paget Thomson
1947 John Desmond Bernal
1946 Max Jakob
1945 Arturo Duperier. From Spain. Subject "The Geophysical Aspect of Cosmic Rays"
1944 Joel H Hildebrand
1943 Edward T Whittaker
1942 Edward V Appleton
1941 Edward Neville da Costa Andrade
1940 Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett
1938 Archibald Vivian Hill
1937 Clifford Copland Paterson
1936 Lord Cherwell of Oxford
1935 Arthur Holly Compton
1934 Charles Vernon Boys
1933 Karl Manne Georg Siegbahn
1932 Max Planck
1931 Richard T Glazebrook
1930 Peter Debye
1929 Percy Williams Bridgman
1928 J. J. Thomson
1927 Lord Rutherford of Nelson
1926 Charles Fabry
1925 Wilhelm Wien
1924 Maurice le Duc de Broglie
1923 James Hopwood Jeans
1922 Niels Bohr
1921 Albert Abraham Michelson
1920 Charles Edouarde Guillaume
1918 John C McLennan
1917 Paul Langevin
1916 William B Hardy
1914 Robert Williams Wood

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