Optics and Spectroscopy

Optics and Spectroscopy is scientific journal, English version of the Russian journal Оптика и спектроскопия (optika i spektroskopiya), founded in 1956. It publishes research and review papers on a monthly basis. Covers various topics of spectroscopy of electromagnetic waves from radio waves until X-rays (excluding, perhaps, gamma-rays), and related topics of optics, including quantum optics. Especailly appreciate contrinuitons about spectroscopy of atoms, molecules, and condensed state, lasers and the interaction of laser radiation with matter, physical and geometrical optics, holography and physical principles of optical instrument making.


* http://www.maik.rssi.ru/cgi-perl/journal.pl?name=optics&page=main, main page

* http://www.maik.rssi.ru/cgi-perl/search.pl?type=contents&lang=eng&name=optics, access to the articles

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