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Messier 52

M 52 "Atlas Image [or Atlas Image mosaic] obtained as part of the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), a joint project of the University of Massachusetts and the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center/California Institute of Technology, funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the National Science Foundation."

Messier 52
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension 23h 24.2m
Declination +61° 35′
Distance 5.0 kly ()
Apparent magnitude (V) 5.0
Apparent dimensions (V) 13.0'
Notable features -
Other designations M 52, NGC 7654
See also: Open cluster, List of open clusters

Messier 52 (also known as M 52 or NGC 7654) is an open cluster in the Cassiopeia constellation. It was discovered by Charles Messier in 1774. M52 can be seen from Earth with binoculars.


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