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NGC 2477

NGC 2477 is an open cluster in the Puppis constellation, consisting of about 300 stars, which was discovered by Abbe Lacaille in 1751. The cluster's age has been estimated at about 700 million years.


* L2 Pup

a red giant which brightness varies from 3rd to 6th magnitude every ~140 years.

* V Pup

is an eclipsing binary system consisting of a B1 main sequence star and a B3 subgiant. Its magnitude goes down from 4.5 mag to 5.1 mag every 35 hours when the fainter star crosses the brighter one in the line of sight.

* ξ (xi) Pup

is a yellow supergiant of 3.34 mag. When viewed through binoculars, an unrelated companion can be seen.

* κ (kappa) Pup is a double star consisting of two nearly identical blue-white stars of 4.5 and 4.6 mag

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