884 Priamus

884 Priamus
Discovery A
Discoverer Max Wolf
Discovery date September 22, 1917
1917 CQ B
Category Jupiter Trojan
Orbital elements C
Epoch August 18, 2005 (JDCT 2453600.5)
Eccentricity (e) 0.121
Semi-major axis (a) 5.163
Perihelion (q) 4.539
Aphelion (Q) 5.787
Orbital period (P) 11.731
Inclination (i) 8.926
Longitude of the
ascending node (Ω)
Argument of
perihelion (ω)
Mean anomaly (M) 233.050

884 Priamus is a Trojan asteroid that orbits the Sun at the same distance as the planet Jupiter. It is located in the trailing Lagrangian point L5.

It is named after the Greek Mythology figure of Priam the King of Troy

It was discovered by Max Wolf on September 22nd, 1917 in Heidelberg, Germany.


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