Aratus (crater)

Aratus, Conon and Galen

Aratus is a small lunar impact crater located on the highland to the south and east of the rugged Montes Apenninus range. It is a circular, cup-shaped crater formation with a relatively high albedo. To the east is the Mare Serenitatis, and to the southwest is the somewhat larger Conon crater. North-northeast of Aratus crater is the landing site of the Apollo 15 mission, just beyond Mons Hadley Delta.

General characteristics
Latitude 23.6° N
Longitude 4.5° E
Diameter 10.6 km
Depth 1.9 km
Colongitude   356° at sunrise
Eponym Aratus of Soli
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Satellite craters

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater mid-point that is closest to Aratus crater.

Aratus Latitude Longitude Diameter
B 24.2° N 5.4° E 7 km
C 24.1° N 9.5° E 4 km
Ca 24.5° N 11.2° E 7 km
D 24.3° N 8.6° E 4 km

The following craters have been renamed by the IAU.

Aratus A — See Galen crater.

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