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HD 224693

HD 224693 (also known as HIP 118319) is a yellow subgiant star approximately 320 light-years away[1] in the constellation Cetus.

Planetary system

In 2006, an extrasolar planet was discovered orbiting HD 224693 by the Keck telescope using radial velocity measurements. A preliminary search for transits using photometric data from Fairborn Observatory was inconclusive because data around the predicted time of transit was to sparse to rule out possible transits.[2]

The HD 224693 system[2]
(in order from star)
Mass Semimajor axis
Orbital period
b >0.71 MJ 0.192 26.73 ± 0.02 0.05 ± 0.03

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* HD 222582
* HD 33283
* HD 86081
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