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HD 33283

HD 33283 is an 8th magnitude star in the constellation Lepus. It is located 86.88 parsecs (283.37 light years) away from the solar system. HD 33283 is similar to our Sun in terms of spectral type [G4V]. However, the star dwarfs the Sun by 24% more massive, 20% larger, 217 K hotter, and 232% more metals. The star is younger than our Sun by 40%.

In 2006, Johnson found a jovian planet orbiting HD 33283.

The HD 33283 system[1]
(in order from star)
Mass Semimajor axis
Orbital period
b >0.33 MJ 0.145 18.179 ± 0.007 0.48 ± 0.05

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* "Notes for star HD 33283". The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia. http://exoplanet.eu/star.php?st=HD+33283.

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