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HD 4308

HD 4308 is a 6th magnitude star located approximately 71 light years away in the southern constellation of Tucana.[1]

Planetary system

In 2005, a low-mass planet was found in orbit around this star using the radial velocity method with the HARPS spectrograph.[2]
The HD 4308 system[2] Companion
(in order from star) Mass Semimajor axis
(AU) Orbital period
(days) Eccentricity
HD 4308 b >0.0442 MJ 0.115 15.56 ± 0.02 0.00 ± 0.01

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* "HD 4308". Exoplanets. http://media4.obspm.fr/exoplanets/base/etoile.php?nom=HD+4308. Retrieved 2009-05-23.

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