Castor Moving Group

The Castor Moving Group is a moving group, that is, a set of stars with common velocities in space, thought to have a common origin. The stars that have been identified as part of the group include Castor, Fomalhaut, Vega, α Cephei and α Librae. They are all of similar age.

Discovery and constituents

The moving group was first proposed by J. P. Anosova, and V. V. Orlov in 1990. Anosova and Orlov originally proposed 15 members. The membership of the group has not been established and there is some controversy over whether the group is real or spurious.

Proposed member stars

* 14 Leporis

* α Cephei

* α1 Librae

* α2 Librae

* Castor

* Fomalhaut

* Gliese 226.2

* Gliese 255

* Gliese 351

* Gliese 521.2

* Gliese 755

* Gliese 879

* κ Phoenicis

* Vega

See also

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