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Subclassis: Phyllopoda

Ordo: Diplostraca
Subordo: Spinicaudata

Familia: Limnadiidae
Genus: Eulimnadia
Species: E. azisi – E. bondi – E. graniticola – E. khoratensis – E. kimberleyensis – E. marplesi – E. pampa

Eulimnadia Packard, 1874

Template:Packard, 1874

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Eulimnadia is a genus of branchiopods in the family Limnadiidae. There are about 13 described species in Eulimnadia.[1]

Eulimnadia agassizii Packard, 1874
Eulimnadia antillarum (Baird, 1852)
Eulimnadia antlei Mackin, 1940
Eulimnadia astraova Belk, 1989
Eulimnadia cylindrova Belk, 1989
Eulimnadia diversa Mattox, 1937
Eulimnadia francescae
Eulimnadia graniticola
Eulimnadia inflecta
Eulimnadia oryzae
Eulimnadia stoningtonensis
Eulimnadia texana (Packard, 1871)
Eulimnadia thompsoni
Eulimnadia ventricosa


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