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Familia: Cerambycidae
Subfamilia: Cerambycinae
Tribus: Molorchini
Genus: Anencyrus
Species: A. discedens

[list of species after Blair (1937: 265)]

Anencyrus Sharp, 1886


Type species

Anencyrus discedens Sharp, 1886, by monotypy

cited sources

Blair, K.G. 1937: Synonymy of the Cerambycidae of New Zealand. Entomologists monthly magazine, 73: 261–268. BUGZ
Sharp, D. 1886: On New Zealand Coleoptera, with descriptions of new genera and species. Scientific transactions of the Royal Dublin Society (2), 3: 351–454, plates XII-XIII. Internet Archive BHL

Additional references

Leschen, R.A.B.; Lawrence, J.F.; Kuschel, G.; Thorpe, S.; Wang, Q. 2003: Coleoptera genera of New Zealand. New Zealand entomologist, 26: 15–28.


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