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Oedaleonotus is a genus of spur-throated grasshoppers in the family Acrididae. There are about nine described species in Oedaleonotus.[1][2][3][4]

Oedaleonotus borckii (Stål, 1860)
Oedaleonotus enigma (Scudder, 1876) (valley grasshopper)
Oedaleonotus orientis Hebard, 1920
Oedaleonotus pacificus (Scudder, 1881)
Oedaleonotus phryneicus Hebard, 1919
Oedaleonotus pinctus (Scudder, 1899)
Oedaleonotus tenuipennis (Scudder, 1897)
Oedaleonotus truncatus Rehn, 1907
Oedaleonotus werneri Yin and Smith, 1989


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