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Peltodytes is a genus of water beetle which is native to the Nearctic, Europe, the Near East, and North Africa. Peltodytes can generally be differentiated from the similar Haliplus by the presence of a pair of spots on the posterior margin of the pronotum. The genus Peltodytes contains the following species:[1]

Peltodytes alluaudi Guignot, 1936
Peltodytes bradleyi Young, 1961
Peltodytes caesus (Duftschmid, 1805)
Peltodytes callosus (LeConte, 1852)
Peltodytes congoensis Zimmermann, 1924
Peltodytes coomani Peschet, 1923
Peltodytes darlingtoni Young, 1961
Peltodytes dauricus Zimmermann, 1924
Peltodytes dietrichi Young, 1961
Peltodytes dispersus Roberts, 1913
Peltodytes dunavani Young, 1961
Peltodytes duodecimpunctatus (Say, 1823)
Peltodytes edentulus (LeConte, 1863)
Peltodytes festivus (Wehncke, 1876)
Peltodytes floridensis Matheson, 1912
Peltodytes intermedius (Sharp, 1873)
Peltodytes lengi Roberts, 1913
Peltodytes litoralis Matheson, 1912
Peltodytes mexicanus (Wehncke, 1883)
Peltodytes muticus (LeConte, 1863)
Peltodytes nodieri Guignot, 1936
Peltodytes oppositus Roberts, 1913
Peltodytes ovalis Zimmermann, 1924
Peltodytes pedunculatus (Blatchley, 1910)
Peltodytes pekinensis Vondel, 1992
Peltodytes quadratus Régimbart, 1895
Peltodytes rotundatus (Aubé, 1836)
Peltodytes sexmaculatus Roberts, 1913
Peltodytes shermani Roberts, 1913
Peltodytes simplex (LeConte, 1852)
Peltodytes sinensis (Hope, 1845)
Peltodytes speratus Régimbart, 1906
Peltodytes sumatrensis Régimbart, 1885
Peltodytes tamaulipensis Young, 1964
Peltodytes tortulosus Roberts, 1913


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