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Subclassis: Phyllopoda
Ordo: Diplostraca
Subordo: Spinicaudata
Familiae (3 + 2†): Cyzicidae - Leptestheriidae - Limnadiidae - †Afrograptidae - †Loxomegaglyptidae - †Polygraptidae
Cyzicidae - Leptestheriidae -


Spinicaudata Linder, 1945

Linder F., 1945. Affinites within the Branchiopoda, with notes on some dubious fossils. Arkiv for Zoologi.
Tassi, L.V.; Zavattieri, A.M.; Gallego, O.F. 2014 (Online): Triassic spinicaudatan fauna from the Cerro de Las Cabras Formation (Cuyo Basin), Mendoza Province (Argentina): description of new species and revision of previous records. Ameghiniana, DOI: 10.5710/AMGH.29.11.2014.2823 Reference page.


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