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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Animalia
Phylum: Brachiopoda
Subphylum: Linguliformea
Classis: Lingulata
Ordo: †Acrotretida
Superfamilia: †Acrotretoidea
Familiae: †Acrotretidae - †Biernatidae - †Ceratretidae - †Curticiidae - †Eoconulidae - †Ephippelasmatidae - †Scaphelasmatidae - †Torynelasmatidae - †Incertae sedis

Acrotretoidea is a superfamily of brachiopods containing the following families:

Family Number of genera Fossil range
Acrotretidae 55 Lower Cambrian – Silurian
Curticiidae 1 Middle – Upper Cambrian
Torynelasmatidae 9 Ordovician (Arenig) – Silurian
Eoconulidae 3 Ordovician (Arenig – Ashgill)
Ceratretidae 8 Lower – Upper Cambrian
Ephippelasmatidae 12 Upper Cambrian – Ordovician
Scaphelasmatidae 6 Middle Cambrian - Upper Silurian
Biernatidae 5 Lower Ordovician – Middle Devonian


Winrow, P. (2016). A review of Cambrian lingulate brachiopods of England and Wales Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering PhD degree thesis.


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