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Ara erythrocephala

Ara erythrocephala (*)

The red-headed macaw or Jamaican green-and-yellow macaw (Ara erythrocephala) may have been a species of parrot in the family Psittacidae that lived in Jamaica, but its existence is hypothetical.

Rothschild based it on a description which a Mr. Hill had sent to Philip Henry Gosse:

Head red; neck, shoulders, and underparts of a light and lively green; the greater wing coverts and quills, blue; and the tail scarlet and blue on the upper surface, with the under plumage, both of wings and tail, a mass of intense orange yellow. The specimen here described was procured in the mountains of Trelawny and St. Anne's by Mr. White, proprietor of the Oxford estate.[2]

The Ara erythrocephala could have been found in the mountains of Trelawney and St. Anne's parishes, Jamaica.[3] It was described to have been found in the mountains, and presumably in forest as well.[4]

It is believed that the main reason for the macaw's extinction was overhunting.[5]

The macaw is extinct,[4] and it is conjectured to have been hunted to extinction in the early 19th century.[6] It was a close relative of the Cuban and Dominican macaws.[6] Its existence is considered dubious today.[7]

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